Invest In A Cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin?

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Invest In A Cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin?
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Tim Y says:

well well. here we are now in the future of 2020. oh. the irony LOL

Mark says:

wow deffinetely shoulda got some crypto

sparcx86 Channel says:

When you invest in crypto you don’t use stop loss you put the money there and forget about it for years this how a serious investor should do it

sennen udoh says:

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Daniel Razo - Entrepreneur says:

This has aged very poorly! 😂😂😂

OCHOLI Augustine says:

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Reggie Anderson says:

Now worth $16,000 per coin.

Reggie Anderson says:

It’s not trust that’s his problem it’s change

yolande New says:

comes end 2020 and trust in crypto is becoming higher and higher

Bradon Hill says:

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Bello Ummuhani says:

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Doctor Fomo says:

I feel horrible for Bryan. I hope he ignored the advice

Wesley Virgin says:

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Jon Doe says:


Travis Tritt says:

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ravi borkar says:

Dave’s financial teachings are good to be a debt free but not Excellent when it comes to Technological Knowledge & Global Financial Revolution Changes knowledge

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ravi borkar says:

Dave ramse know nothing about cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is Real
Digital Gold

Dave must have to listen to
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Kristilina Georgia World bank head

evgenimalkin123 says:

"We all tend to be dismissive or negative of things we don't fundamentally understand" – Palihapitiya

my videos says:

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timi babatimi says:

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Blessing Thomas says:

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Sharon McDonald says:

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Lauren karan says:

I For one think The fastest and safest way to invest/build wealth is by having a diversified investment. if one investment performs poorIy rover a certain period, other investments may perform better over that same period, reducing the potential losses of your investment portfolio from concentrating aII your capital under one type of investment., that's what i do investing in forex and stocks

Cwj432 says:

Dave….. yes it is risky…. I’m willing to bet one day you will change your mind……… your description of crypto currency sound much like a bank….🤣😂

JohnRinNoHo says:

That's why you don't listen to Ramsey on Investing, only personal finance! He's been WRONG about many MANY investments, Cryptocurrency being just one.

Wayne Purser says:

Ah Dave cmon man. Do your research. Stay current.

David Varela says:

boy was Ramsey wrong on the short term on this one !

Chan Young says:

In crypto currency am 99% sure to educate you people on how to invest if you are interested

Lex & Cinnabon says:

If someone handed me a $100 bill with a president's face on it, I know it would be 100% fake.

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