Is Everyone Else WRONG? We Drag Race the Ford F-150 Raptor R vs the Ram TRX with Surprising Results!

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Linh Shine says:

Bán tải điện vl nhỉ

Martin Flores says:

So FORD is king

Krish Nandlall says:

Ford raptor R

Allll Allenson says:

TRX 0-100 3.9-4.5 s Raptor ??? 0-100 2.0s ???? Wtf tou doing

Orlando dalisay says:

The best ford raptor r

Gabriel Lopez says:

He said the 3.5 takes time to take off …maybe cause you didn’t break boost it 🙄 I have a 3.5 raptor and when you boost them on 4auto they get off the line hard

Andrew Schram says:

Saved the hummer EV for last. Only 1 pass per charge

Austin Davis says:

Yes, everyone is wrong. The raptor R is a Baja runner, if you want to "compare" race them in the dirt on some whoops or not at all.

big guy Josh says:

How many times does it have to be said that the Raptor r is not faster over a quarter mile it's just faster in general

Krane says:

That was predictable but still entertaining to watch. BTW, Andres got some mad reflex skills.

sandmanrrr says:

Its a sad day when 5.2 ltr is a big V8 LOL

Jose Villagomez says:

Now take all those pick ups to baja 1000 and see wich one wins

Chasing Different Adventures says:

Missed the Roll Race with the Raptor R and Hummer… Hummer will fall flat on it's face while Raptor R Keeps going to 112 mph 6 mph faster 👨🏻👍🏻🏎️🏁🚩

Eric Livesay says:

Thing is, with the Hummer after the race you'll have to recharge it. The Raptor R can still drive home.

Eric O'Neal says:

I'm a Chevy guy and was rooting for the Ford in that last race.

Clayton Moore says:

gotta figure the 500lbs, 4.10 rear end and 2 extra gears certainly helped to tip the scales. They are very close even still

the upscriber says:

That Hummer EMBARRASSED those POS ice trucks. All the negative comments are from guys nut hugging the petroleum industry as if they have anything to gain from their blind loyalty.

Carlos bluesonic says:

Trx is practically on 4×4 it would be different if it wasn’t

Vaticider69 says:

Hummer spent two days charging just to go back to the starting line….

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