Is Litecoin Still a Buy in 2021? | Crypto News Alert

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In this video we will break down litecoin and the recent crypto news about this project. I will also give my litecoin price prediction at the end.

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Chris Futrell says:

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D Sagar says:

You may wanna do your research again bro

rmonlu says:

Litecoin sucks

J says:

Did you steal this entire script from Guy at Coin Bureau? I just came here from watching his video and you are hitting on point for point all the exact same issues and making the same jokes about Mimble Wimble

Christopher Miller says:

I recommend Bitcoin Cash. Cheaper to use, faster transactions, and supply is more scarce. It also has additional capabilities like privacy features, token creation, DeFi, smart contracts and more. The true bitcoin as intended. 💸

ry car says:

I love Litecoin but Jesus Christ, you don’t have to do a video on the history of Litecoin. We all know the history of it. Just say what you think is going to happen. You’re more of a re re than you look.

Altcoins says:

One thing about litecoin, it’s beeing adopted more and more by merchants as a form of payments. That’s a great signal.

Aying Torres says:

People should stop perpetuating that Charlie selling story. It's stupid. He had his reasons. LTC already went past the ATH that Charlie sold his to. LTC stands on its own and nobody is hanging on to Charlie's opinion like Dogecoin acolytes hang on Elon Musk's words.

Wazz_Bree Wipple says:

it is known that many people paid in BTC have it converted to Litecoin then transacted to their account because of cheap fees, Litecoin card and Litewallet should boom in these countries, thoughts ?

Invest Cripto says:

PancakeHunny (HUNNY)

Joshy Safemoon says:

I have to agree. LTC is very underrated and undervalued!!

April Bebee says:

I still think Litecoin works better than Bitcoin. I need to grab more during these dips.

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