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In this video, I show some stream highlights of some Aurelion Sol Rework Gameplay on patch 13.5


Sol says:

Live right now on twitch if you have time in your day <3

Exiled Summoner says:

im so sad man lol. you look at asol and he and his kit look cool asf. you look at azir and even though riot is playing surgery with his kit he still looks cool asf. but when you look at Ryze… its just straight corny lmao.

Copa Cynic says:

Yes. Overpowered 100%. If you don't think so, you're a bad player looking to exploit it. Riot is trash.

JustRandom says:

i think hes balanced for high elo, not so much for low elo. I would say they need to shift some of his power and not straight up nerf him or he will be useless in master and above. He´s compareable to veigar at the moment, who also sits at a 56% WR in botlane in low elo but relatively balanced in high elo.
Btw. I thought about champs that are similar to old asol and lilia came to my mind as her kit also evolves around kiting a lot and I personally really enjoy playing her in different roles 🙂

LordJake says:

I tried using him over and over and since the nerf I'm struggling to play him and he's not balanced he's weak asf right now I would need some tips sol pls

Pisces♫ says:

came for the a sol gameplay, stayed for the amazing personality. Much love man keep it up <4

notaro botto says:

Cringe low master dog giving bad takes, gg

Garugoyira says:

No, next question.

Tom Gaudart says:

Really love the new a sol, please keep up the good work

Catfood says:

He cannot be balanced, ever. new Asol is the definition of an extreme design
for such simple kit loaded with broken numbers, he really has nothing left to nerf–on his kits, but numbers
but the standing still feature forces him need to do high dmg—to be balanced; in other words new Asol needs to do high dmg ——to be balanced; Asol needs to be broken—-to be balanced..

Lux Da Sir says:

0:23 dive was looking like an insane 4 man dive until it became a bronze play lmao what did they dooooo

Massie says:

The nerfs were unfair, in my opinion. The only nerf worth deserved was his r cause how it scales with size and he can hit 1200 away

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