Is This the Beginning of the End for Ethereum?

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2020 Onwards says:

Was it Warren Buffet who said " when the tide goes out you can see who was swimming naked " ?

Graham Hill says:

Power corrupts鈥..

Stephen O'Neill says:

You look like a surfer dude-ette

Big TX Bullion says:

When Heidi stops smiling you know where the market stands. Sell in august and go away

poopz says:

i read some where that some one said eth moving to pos will lower the price because of some thing to do with the real value is in the pow computing or something? and that since less power will be used with eth it will translate to a lower price? idk how much of that is true but it sounds like there could be some truth to it? idk it also sounds like maybe guy didnt know what he was talking about.

DragonFire Crypto says:

Like all FUD, the truth is being manipulated to push a narrative.

Dan James McClew says:

Would it not be easier just to avoid all this nonsense and just use private blockchains? Dero, xmr pirate chain etc?

Canis Majoris says:

This is why we must support bitcoin and keep it as it is; perfectly secure and decentralised.

Shailesh Lad says:

We likey likey!

Mr Right says:

Heidi what are your thoughts on ETH Classic taking up the mantle of decentralization and move the ecosystem forward?

Gerri H says:

Have you heard about Cardano?

Romain Maurice says:

good point..

Chris says:

The is exactly correct. Proof of work is way more decentralized and trustless, especially because of the the 32 ETH stake requirement. Most people are going to end up staking on a centralized exchange because they don鈥檛 have enough ETH or they couldn鈥檛 be bothered to use a decentralized staking method like rocket pool (I don鈥檛 blame them necessarily). More ETH than ever before will be held on exchanges in my opinion and these exchanges will have enormous power over the blockchain. Even if these exchanges have good intentions, there is no question that the government is going to pressure them into censoring and manipulating the blockchain. This will end in disaster in my opinion.

David Simons says:

As soon as they go POS surely according to Howie test where reward is expected ETH then becomes a security.

webbyo2 says:

I keep all my bitcoin on binance earning 5% apy, sorry Heidi 馃槀

Alex Tricky says:

All fud nowadays from Crypto Tips. Remember that whirlpool (mixed) BTC addresses can be blacklisted too and mining is quite centralised. Regulation should always be resisted on any crypto… if people want safe space then buy regulated stocks etc.

Mark Aurel Evangelista says:

My only issue with your takes is that it is as very American view of things.
Yes the US is creating a lot of issues for the Crypto Market, and yes the US is the most important market – but the US is only one part of the world, and if it continues like this it will be left behind and others will take on the banner of innovation.

Christopher Lellis says:

Proof of stake turns into intense centralization, so hopefully it will be the end of Ethereum. That centralization will be absolutely weaponized and abused. People will suffer for it.

CF CF says:

Vitalik did address this on Twitter.
He is in favor of slashing.

Andy Boat says:

FUD, incredible how you compare Luna again Tornado…

Michael Tillman says:

Thanks guys

Lee olajide Adams says:

Should i sell all or buy more 馃

Oliver Rasmussen says:

Can I get an Holo-holochain馃憘馃徏馃馃徏

Randy Nell says:

Do you believe Putin is the founder of Bitcoin?

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