Is This The Crypto Dump To Buy | XRP, LINK, BTC Analysis

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NewWave Traders says:

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G Don says:

Merry Christmas !

Dr Zaius says:

Cryptocurrency Pump and Dump Discord Server – Huge Community – By Invite Only – Here's Your Invite –

Peyton Banks says:

Even with the price fluctuations people are still benefiting from crypto trading.Crypto will surely go higher than expected and the best thing to do is to invest with any amount of capital.

Ayushman Sahu says:

Will xrp reach one dollar in 2021?

Louise Harbard says:

Truth is people only fear to loose when they have not prepared to win and that is very evident in the crypto space today. Bitcoin as a system (store of value, payment method or both) has proven beyond reasonable doubts to be a winning streak if as a trader you understand that it's not just all about hodling when the tides are low and selling when the tides are high. So what I've been doing lately is just trading daily with the right signals of an expert trader Steven Patrick and I've been cashing out steadily, increasing my portfolio from 2.BTC to 9. BTC in a month without waiting for the price of bitcoin to go up or down. I will advise legit traders to do the same thing by trading daily with Steven’s signals because they're accurate 99% of the time and also simplified to help both beginners and experts earn massively from the unbalanced nature of bitcoin. He can be reached on Telegram @steven_tradesignals12. You will definitely come back here to thank me if you wish to earn from bitcoins as well.

Alfret51 says:


Kaser says:

Hey Schyler ! I'd like to thank you for your clean work. You definitely know your stuff.
I have a question for you : Do you usually agree that, in most cases, in an impulse wave, if wave 2 is short and retraces less than 50% of wave 1, then wave 4 must be deep and retrace at least 38.2% of wave 3 (and 50% of wave 3 in most cases).
If so, does it applies to subwaves of a bullrun or are we most likely dealing with running flats in that case ?
Thanks for your insights and your time. It's much appreciated !

Francisco Gonzalez says:


Peter Griffin says:

What is the discord?

ХоМяKа Ali Jack says:

What about GAP'S on CME Futures on Daily and 4 hours. All the way down to 9000$

stundown says:

I brought hell lot of Chainlink at $13.5 I am so worried

Matt Guitar says:

Summary: Don't be spooked.

Mero Mero Gallo says:

Excellent analysis! I'm getting totally rekt with all of my alts right now, just when you think you've bought the bottom, surprise!!

Dragonfly Trading says:

Perfect as always…thank you for everything you have taught me and continue to teach me.

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