It's time to ban cryptocurrencies

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Manic Miner says:

In the UK, the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) have all but banned the buying and selling of crypto currency. Almost all banks will not allow you to send/receive money from crypto exchanges. The European president is also planning to ban (make illegal) all crypto currencies and is calling on Britain to do the same. My real beef with all of this, is why didn't ban it years ago? I remember saying to a friend back in 2009, surely governments will never allow these crypto currencies. It's been to my amazement that it's all lasted so long. To me, the fact they didn’t ban it, is an acceptance of it's existence. Right now, regulation i can accept but banning crypto is an unacceptable act, because they should have done it years ago.

oceew crypto says:

Good video. But have you look at KSM Starter? It is a very promising project that soon will have their public sale

Flimsy Fox says:

It’s time to get a hardware wallet.

Tony Upchurch says:

I guess if you outlaw crypto you gotta outlaw western union


Dude is misinformed af lol those hackers used a shitty cloud service… hence why the gov got ahold of the wallet

EGOD 7 M says:

Market manipulation

Clap Trap says:

lol if they ban crypto then they prevent science itself from innovation. People forget, this wasn't made by criminals. It was made by engineers.
That article is nothing but modern sophism. By their logic they should also ban cash.

T C says:

It's time to ban your channel

Kin Fitt Nation says:

Another ridiculous article about the seedy world of crypto currency’s and cyber crime.

I wonder what these same people thought about the internet when they were reading/writing newspaper and magazine articles which are now not blogs published on that evil World Wide Web thingy.

Mike Ray says:

criminals would be better off using cash than bitcoin for crime. or at least monero or other privacy coins

streamdungeon says:

So good to be living in Germany where since the beginning of this month we have new laws that recognize crypto as an asset similar to gold.

G oddaryu says:

Your clickbait titles get me every damn time.

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