It's Too Late to Buy Bitcoin!? Crypto Meme Review 2021

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It’s Too Late to Buy Bitcoin!? Crypto Meme Review 2021 Bonus:

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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The Chronicles of Chadwick says:

1:49. "Bullish tweet" lol

Deus Mercury says:

This is brilliant!🤣

sudoaptpurge says:

Crypto memes in general are kinda cringe, ngl. Except Bizonacci.

Jernej Jančar says:

that dead pixel is killing me 😀

Jelly roll says:

Fantastic video!! If i had told a lot of people earlier last year that Bitcoin would go up over 27k by the end of 2020, many wouldn't have thought it would be possible. It's happening today, A professional expert helped me to know this and so far my crypto has been growing I'm massively working with him.

Blade Walters says:

It will drop again.. and rise again… and drop again… and rise again… don't get your panties in a bunch

Kudret Bayram says:

The Ripple one at the end lol

Cros says:

I can never put a pin in your accent! You said you're British in the video but it sounds like a hybrid of British and American

Crypto Police says:

haha that "huh huh Audio jungle" was amazing. 😀

mcspeechless2 says:

Once the supply dries up…the bid/ask price of Bitcoin will send it parabolic and lock out all of the little fish.

Dr CryPto says:

soft for BTC transaction and private keys bip38 in my YouTube channel : Dr CryPto
Check the front photo on my profile before going to put an inch on the chain. I reserve you lots of other tricks and software for you. Thank you

Timetosome says:

Thanks a lot for the fun 🙂

DJUMA says:

Some of these meme will be reality in future.

Alexander J. says:

Crypto Daily is finally daily again

H Norman says:

It’s a mad world that keeps on giving.

Alberto Camacho says:

That last Super Smash reference meme was a absolute DIAMOND 💎

Devin Rumer says:

The audio doesn't sync well. Fix it

F1LT3R says:

"Someone should make this!"

They did 🤣

Vicky Manley says:

Too many memes in this one.

Abdallah Sofiane says:

I will feel like a pig if I buy at 33k despite it looks very bullish. I have some cash parked to buy BTC around 20k. it might never happen but I do not care much. it is 97k US$ I made few days ago buying XRP at 0.17 and selling at 0.255 the NEXT HOUR. I believe, at least now, big gains are not in BTC and the risk of huge correction is getting bigger by the day.

Jonah Shaq says:

Comedy just entered a new era.

James Hooman says:

44k Australian right now fuck too expensive

Ian Harper says:

These videos allow me to have so much fun even though I am not poor

6CZR1 says:

Kevin Svenson Crypto FTW!

Bitcoin Noddy says:

oof, just flew up to $34182 while watching

Ryan Hogue Passive Income says:

"I don't mind getting copyrighted… sometimes" 😬😂

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