Kevin O’Leary Comes Clean About One of Crypto's Biggest Collapses…

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Today lets talk about Kevin O’Leary’s big interview with CNBC talking about FTX. Also Bitcoin and Crypto rally back up due to some ‘good’ economic news.

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0:00 Intro
0:50 Market Overview
1:50 Black Rock Warns
2:25 O’Leary Lost $15M On FTX
8:40 Gary Gensler Called Out
10:50 Michael Saylor | Regulations
13:24 Bitcoin Metrics
14:08 Ethereum 2023 Shanghai Hard Fork
15:12 Chainlink Staking
15:50 Trillions in Applications
17:15 Starbuck NFTs | Polygon
17:48 BTC Update
20:10 QA

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🔒Safeguard Your Bitcoin and Crypto w/ Ledger Hardware Wallet

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🔥CryptosRus' Best Crypto Exchanges Guide:

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Medic 19 says:

Of course SBF and Kevin knew exactly what was going on. O'leary has teams of people checking all aspects of his investments. They got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Nothing will happen to SBF, he's in with the swamp creatures.

Phillip Guthrie says:

Wrapped Accumulate is factom rebranded they want to be next solana

Traces says:

I'm Australian. I looked into CWR. I feel the same as you. It doesn't matter. Only to history maybe. Good for him if so.

lynxthecat says:

Cz is a bad actor why is he actively funding other exchanges? Seems like he was involved in the conception and taking down of FTX.

steeleyes says:

So how much money 🤑 did O'Leary lose? Did he really get paid?
Did he buy FTX crypto with other investors money.?

Brooks says:

Whales games, right George? That’s the only answer you ever present so I figured I would save everybody some time.

Andrew Martinez says:

For years, many have talked about the collapse of tether, but in the end everything fails, but not tether. I realized a long time ago that too many rumors have been spreading lately.

HM says:

Do you crack your knuckles because someone told you it was alpha?

GasFeeFees says:

XRP is not deemed a security in the US, that is why Uphold lists it. Why the other exchanges decided to delist it is just cowardice.The SEC does not have authority to deem anything securities, the courts and congress are the only ones with that authority. You do not live in a authoritarian police state. Your ancestors kicked the British out for a reason, and this is exactly it. Gary Gensler is not a king, he is a comissioner, a bureacrat.

D T says:

George you are a place of calm in a sea of crypto uncertainty! Keep going!!

Andy Muir says:

(KO'L) Poacher turned gamekeeper Can work

Osamas Samosa says:

Comes clean my ass!

john dean says:

What a bumper all get rich.

Collette says:

SNL should do a sHark Tank skit with SBF pitching his scam plan and KO’L flabbergasted turning him down.

Mgtowbylogic says:

He wants on the credit committee.
And said his experience as a fiduciary qualifies him for that.


You not exercising your fiduciary duty in the first place is why you’re in this position.

Now you’ve failed the test and you want to do the extra credit as if that’s going to undo the fact that you failed.

You let your clients be hurt through your own negligence. You disgust me and how dare you even call yourself a fiduciary.

Lucifer Light says:

The markets go up when jobless claims rise because that means there is less money sloshing around in the economy meaning the fed has a better chance gaining control over inflation and meaning there is less chance for a rate hike and black rock knows there going to be a black swan like event in 2023 because the central banks have a 100 trillion dollar currency derivative hole that will come due in 2023

Super Abundace says:

Who cares about fake old man leary

swites says:

Average people will be regulated out of the market.

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