LAST Bitcoin DUMP Until MOON? (Destroying Censorship Propaganda)

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In this video, I discuss censorship & the price of Bitcoin. Will the Grayscale unlock lead to a dump? Seems like a mini-dump is happening right now in crypto. BTC will come back tho very soon.

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Richard Bacon says:

Ben's losing it…

540Chevhell says:

Just don’t start on the Ru##ians Ben. You might find find something unpleasant in your cup of tea. Keep up the good work.

Tuwa lee says:

Let's just all go onto the dark web. All of these social media platforms are continuously censoring everything. Quite literally whatever they seem to censor is usually the truth to anything. Can we get a damn crypto project that will deliver on a decentralized internet already?

Casey Skelton says:

Well….. All I've got to say is…… spill those beans Ben! Let that cat out of the bag! Keep on melting that snow!

Truth Seeker says:


S Paul says:


KjiehTV says:

It's going to 18k

antonio moreno says:

Completely right Ben !!!

Zane Dickson says:

Elon isn't evil, he has Aspey's he's exceedingly pragmatic and practical.
Irony amuses him, he's probably just giggling about it.

Robby Thrasher says:

All social media should be uncensored otherwise we get all fragmented and compartmentalized as a nation/society, instead of coming together to share points of views, I mean we could form as many social Medias as we want but if they’re

Alex Avram says:

What's happening is crazy. Bitcoin meanwhile will continue to hold over 30k. I don't see huge gains at least till end of 2022. This is all based on the current political situation.

FuseInsane123 says:

You say that on a pure fundamental standpoint, we are still bearish on the daily and now weekly

Remo Follin says:

Maybe blockchain technology could allow to create an alternative to Youtube

Chris N says:

Da fck??? 

Welp he had a good run before finally going off the deep end… gg.

Smoke-hashi Toke-moto says:

Full Alex Jones today

ken dog says:

Not sure if anyone has noticed, but the New World Order tyrannical communist government, just like in China, is taking over the world, and they used the "virus" to roll it out. Wake up people.

Melissa Kay Glaze says:

There needs to be a lot of waking up happening in this country. How do people not realize that people all over the world are watching their basic rights and freedoms being taken away from them!

tim g says:

facebook is just a bad as Tesla they ban so much

Carl Star says:

Give up freedom for safety and you will lose both. Sell cryptos to save wealth due to fud, you will lose wealth and cryptos.

tony devos says:

I hate the ccp and Musk but youre going way out into the deep end, Bitboy. The problem with your analysis is that a year ago, for many good reasons, the lab leak theory was attacked. But now it has more support. That means it wasnt censored. We have more information, so we're talking about it. No censorship.

Red Wings says:

We tell u the truth…unless we are paid..bitboy ouuuut

Stephen Drønen says:

Dude has gone off the deep end of conspiracy theories. Unsubscribing from this nonsense. His own paranoia will be his downfall.

Craig Mutton says:

I love this targeted and short snippet information which is hard to get elsewhere.


Quit voting Democrat/ leftist

Henchy Hench says:

Bro any person that wants nerulink chips in people aren’t to be trusted he has shown a monkey and a pig and stuff with fake ai chips on there head there real ones y would never even know they were put into ur body unless they wanted u too know so imagine all ur business secrets they could have anything they wanted it can be used for anything and just think a guy like Elon that wants the moon so bad and has been doing any and everything he can to get there imangine what he will do for it

Peter Ripuli says:

this is how they keep the masses suppressed n dumb

Anthony Felix says:

When government questions people it’s an “investigation “, but when people question government it’s a conspiracy.

Henchy Hench says:

What u think on doge can u do a video on it cause I watch another guy but it seems he gets I’m his info from u I hear stuff u say in his video when talking about btc but his doge news changes five times a day any guy making that many videos I can’t really trust cause it’s just chasing views instead of giving good information

Crypto Hashman1 says:

Marxism gone wild in the USA.

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