Litecoin creator Charlie Lee on navigating the cryptocurrency space today

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Charlie Lee, Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation and creator of Litecoin, joins Worldwide Exchange to discuss volatility in the cryptocurrency space. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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Virtual Rat says:

Dogecoin is mark of the beast, I have million of dogecoin but I won't hold for long term. Sorry for disappoint doge holder, but X AE A-Xiii decode is 666. I love dogecoin back to the day, for now I just want the pump and sold it. Please pump to 1$ we could enjoy the hype

Steven Pisarski says:

just scooped my first cryptocoin of 1 litecoin.

Badong Markus says:

I'm so thankful to Metro_kelvinfx on Insta Ever since I started investing in your platform i never had any loss and all my trades have been up I'm earning passively during this pandemic I'm very happy.

Mark Smith says:

Maybe he'll dump his bags on us again

squeegeedee says:

Litecoin is redundant.
Sorry, Charlie…

Crypto Naz says:

Litecoin is gold

Jon Dombrowski says:

10 dollars per transaction? More like 60.

fernando cardoso says:

Make LTC U$ 1000. each , THEN you can open ur boring blabbing mouth

oldirtydanic says:

So anybody care to explain the star destroyer command center background or nah?

Wenyuan Wu says:

Seriously after all these years, still using the "silver to gold" analogy.

Teds World says:

The only alternative to Bitcoin is Bitcoin Cash it's only 100x less secure than Bitcoin, everything else is like 400,000x or more less secure! You want your store of value in the safest coin really.

Teds World says:

Bitcoin hash rate
150,754,079,457,822,200,000 H/s
Litecoin hash rate
309,459,769,172,363 H/s
= 487,152x less secure

J Boss says:

Got 30 LITECOIN HOLDING TILL 2025🗝💡 🌅⛲💦💤💎💥🚀🚀🌙

Lucid Trading says:

Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

fernando cardoso says:

LTC , 2 chinese brothers , who took the $$$ and ran to Singapore with it to avoid US taxes….he adds no confidence at all to LTC

Bari Sounds says:

For all the "LTC has no use case" or "Its a sh.t coin" people.

Explain these use cases:

1). Litecoin is about to be Optionally private unlike Monero, zcash etc which enables users to toggle on and off on whether they want their transactions hidden or not, which puts the onus on the user and thus can avoid potential problems with SEC as a Network

2). Litecoin is 1/4 coins along with BTC, ETH and ehhh BCH….on Paypal out of almost 10k and counting cryptocurrencies til this day…. Ask yourself, why does PP recognize LTC as a payment method as opposed to any random newcoming coins that have "potential" … why is LTC being listed on these major platforms with millions of users Globally

3). Litecoin is THE ONLY COIN TO BE IN THE TOP 10 CRYPTOCURRENCIES FOR 10 YEARS STRAIGHT… NO OTHER COIN BESIDES BITCOIN HAS DONE THIS… CLEARLY IT IS SUSTAINING AND HAS SOLIDIFIED ITS POSITION even with the people always shouting : "Its dead, itll be out the top 10", "no one uses litecoin… its outdated POW 1.0 blockchain" etc… well seems to not be dead.. and all of these newcomers still cant knock it out… hmmmm

4). Litecoin is about to GO DeFi ! with FLARE FINANCE AND ALSO DeFi with Wrapped Litecoin on TRON NETWORK.. hmmm.. appears to be another use case with smart contracts… but "LiTeCoIn hAs nO uSe cAsE"


6). Litecoin OWNS 9.9 STAKE IN A GERMAN BANK…" (see here: )

7). Litecoin is AGAIN 1/4 listed on GOOGLE FINANCE … one has to wonder… if this coin were so "DEAD" how come google recognizes it and not all these other "Next up" coins that have so much hype and go up 1000% in a month.. Clearly, they understand its to be taken seriously as a currency ( see here : )

8). Litecoin has its own Visa Debit card (I have one) and it has the most return on Blockfi for holding per year with 6% interest… that tells me its worth being held and spent ( see and sign up for one here :

9).Litecoin has the 2nd most ATM machines in the WORLD next to BITCOIN … with no other cryptos coming close.

10). Litecoin has 0 Down time, has NEVER been hacked unlike many coins

11). Litecoin is soon to be added on VENMO… again another payment processing company… clearly litecoin is one of the key candidates and runner ups to be a Global payment system as its mission statement first intended it to be

12). Litecoin is gearing up to partner with Cardano (see here: )

Common misconceptions about litecoin:

1). There is no development.

2). Its slow or expensive in fees…. this is a common notion people use when shilling other coins that may be cheaper and faster but ultimately havent stood the test of time nor do they have first movers advantage… also its key to note that every coin has a coin thats better in speed or whatever, theres always better … but no one cares as much. thats the reality.

3). Charlie lee is a scammer… this is subjective based on your perspective… There are coins that were actual scams like bitconnect.. where is that now… there are coins where the founders are no longer able to be found.. charlie clearly has this coin everywhere so just because you bought the top, doesnt mean hes a scammer… would a scammer tell you theyre selling their coins or would they just go ahead and do it unbeknownst to you… use your head and stop running with the narratives angry people try to sell you… would they continuosly broadcast a scam on major tv like cnbc etc where only the main 3 coins are shown day in and day out (BTC ETH LTC)… use your brain.

litecoin will dominate again.

udonwadon says:

I don't like how he compares btc to gold..


XRP is still better then both

jj tompson says:

Gold Silver Mining Ratio is 9 to 1.Bitcoin Digital Gold to Litecoin Digital silver ratio is 4 to 1.
Gold to Silver Price Ratio is 70 to one,Digital Gold Bitcoin to Digital Silver Litecoin is 220 to 1!!!!!!!!
Litecoin Price first to 70 to 1 then True 4 to 1=Price Explosion!!!!!!

Angel Joy says:

Great content the trick is to diversify your investments, don’t panic when everyone else is and invest consistently. I did manage to beat the market by a nice factor with a little amount of risk always stuck in an efficient investing model and professional help without beating myself up about how to beat the market.

REAl REAction says:

Litecoin is my cryptocurrency of choice. It’s the same crypto as Bitcoin, goes where Bitcoin goes, but Litecoin is faster, cheaper, and more fungible.

Also, Bitcoins creator is anonymous. Nobody knows nor has seen He/she/them. Not to mention the creator of BTC still holds millions of Bitcoin (shady).

The creator of Litecoin is Charlie Lee. He sold his bags of LTC and made LTC fully decentralized. Charlie is also very active within the crypto space.

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