Litecoin explosive growth. First target LTC is $300. Litecoin 2021 price prediction

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Litecoin is often called digital silver and the younger brother of Bitcoin. It’s a very close cryptocurrency, which has long been in the top 10 cryptocurrency by market cap. Its current price is $130, in January it surged to $185. Within 2-3 month it could skyrocket to $300. The Litecoin price prediction for 2021 indicates an increase up to $1,200.

In this video, we’re looking at what the Litecoin developers did in 2020 and what their plans for 2021 are, including private transactions. And then, let’s compare the price of Bitcoin and Litecoin to see where it’s going.

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Coin Post says:

Investing in Litecoin? What's your price prediction in 2021?

MB says:

4-12K max given BTC is above 300K

T Johnson says:

Look into Uniswap and Stellar Lumens. You’ll thank me later

Sarah Wallace says:

Every bitcoin investor right now is just smiling at the price of bitcoin as it held strong and indeed valuable enough to generating good ROI. More persons are gonna become millionaires and we have bitcoin thanks for that

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