Litecoin: Has the move just begun?

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Now that Bitcoin is above its prior ATH, we must ask ourselves: Has the move just begun? We take a look at prior LTC trends against BTC and determine whether now could finally be the turn-around point for the Litecoin valuation against Bitcoin, considering that Bitcoin is above its prior ATH. Ultimately, this will likely boil down to how long Bitcoin can sustain these prices above the prior ATH of approximately $20k. Let me know where you think Litecoin is headed over the next few weeks in the comments!



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Greyson Trading services says:

People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

John Emery says:

I just bought 7.5k of LTC on a whim. That's how much I feel it will at least double by early january.

Preston says:

LTC is so much more useful to me. 2 cent transaction fees make it that way. I can't move BTC without cringing at the network fee. Of course, I prefer NANO the most because of no fees to send, and 1 second confirmation times. But, LTC is great, because it has more recognition and integrations into almost all crypto payment gateways; making it currently more useable in that regard.

Steven James says:

cant wait to get out of my 2017 LTC buy

Jovan Draganescu says:

Appreciate the insights on LTC.

Not worth it when coins like LINK,ADA and ZILLIQA will give a much more massive roi.

Erik Schall says:

A few years ago the most dynamic meme in cryptos was Be Your Own Bank !
Of all legitimate cryptos LTC has made the most progress in fulfilling that promise.
That is what is being recognized especially by institutional players and will drive
LTC's price significantly higher ! In cryptos utility precedes technicals !! For confirmation
read what Grayscale , the institutional powerhouse says about LTC !!!

Mistershin says:

Sounds like you hate Litecoin LTC

Neil P says:

If we look at the fundamentals and the EPC then LTC is expected to reach 650 in the next few months. I’m also fairly confident in LTC, if we look at the volumes in the UAE that’s pumping more money into LTC, we typically see this before a whale enters the market.

Berke Kaya says:

-2013Bullrun: bitcoin $ 1100, litecoin was $ 50
Do a simple math and divide 110 / 50 = 22
-2017 Bullrun: bitcoin $ 20.000 dollars, litecoin $ 360
Simple math again and 20.000 / 360 = 55.5555…

So as we see, there is a ratio beetwen the prices and if we assume that bitcoin will go $100k (many people thinks even more like 400k or 500k) with this simple math if history repeats itself, 1 litecoin can worth at least 5.000 dollars end of the 2021.

what do you think about it ?

amomymous mymous says:

NO nothing has begun, they ar ebuying bitcoin to avoid their assets being seized by Trump. They know whats coming.

Emanuel Potdevin says:

I was seriously searching yesterday to find a Litecoin TA from you on your channel. Thanks for this man 🙂

Sehan Kim says:

LTC is the best oscillator

A O says:

Could you do such analysis for BNB? Thanks 🙏

Erick P85D says:

Waiting on the golden 50:1 LTC/BTC ratio.


I bought st !40 a piece I always believed in it

Ben Sandford says:

When coins such as LTC have a fiat pairing, i dont compare them against BTC, LTC has a very appealing price tag, and i think it will be a coin that will stay in the space for many years, and will increase in value against its fiat pairing.

TuT N Gaming says:




xevinkk says:

For me Litecoin actually has outperformed Bitcoin

Derrick Wade says:

Litecoin has a use case and it is one of the more well known crypto coins. I think paypal listing it is gonna make it continue to be looked at and accumulated. Additionally, the fact that litecoin is so similar to bitcoin and has lower fees, people will be attracted to that as Bitcoin pushes crypto more into the mainstream

Crypto Trucker-0 says:

in monthly chart. there is a huge enormous double bottom..heading to that neckline to break…hope u mention that nextime

Russell Thomason says:

DGB is a much better LTC

Jan De Ridder says:

Merry Cryptmas!

Ryan Redfern says:

LTC will not get to 4:1 ratio with BTC but it will get at least a 20b market cap like 2017

MrStuhFee says:

Hey Ben! Can you do a video on the overall alt coin charts. I'm seeing a lot of alt coins bottom out at key resistance levels and I would like to see your input on this. I'm debating which alt coins to put my money into with the "soon to be" alt coin cycle.

Mike Luke says:

Charlie lee just took bitcoin source code and called it litecoin and made millions lmao

JustMe JustMe says:

Litecoin now has support from Grayscale Litecoin trust. They already hold over 105 Million USD worth of Litecoin.. Follow the money..
Not financial advise. Take responsibility for your own decisions

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