LITECOIN Investors must watch before end of day!! **CRITICAL ZONE**

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Litecoin investor? This video is for you.

This is a short time analysis expecting us to reach zone less than 24 hours


Slyvester Liau says:

To the Moon!

Greatest Ever says:

What's now? Bitcoin just dropped

Ayam Grut says:

Mhmmmm daily dose of confirmation bias boiss

Random Kitchen 92 says:

This is a long term investment for me.

Bobs Ross Sauce says:

This video was extremely helpful

K J says:

Finally a channel that treats Litecoin with some respect

John Price-Kataoka says:

Great information as always. Thank you.
What is the outlook for litecoin for the next three months or is too hard to predict?

Mohamed Aziz Neji says:

thank you man! you're helping us so much, can u do some Cardano analysis too? cheers!

2542genius says:

why is litecoin going so slow when there a huge update for it lol

Victor Mendez says:

Hey man, first of all great content, high quality as usual; secondly, i wanna ask you how yo organize your investments in short term and long term to see profits like frecuently?

Nic M says:

Pretty good TA. Along the lines of what I am thinking. Do you publish any of your stuff on Trading View?

Nick says:

At what price will you sell you HODL bag? btw your videos are really helping me through this bull market man, very much appreciated!

genericwannabe says:

Really appreciate the video! Are 4th and 5th waves common or do Elliot waves usually do 1,2,3 and reset?

Wazza Wasp says:


Wazza Wasp says:

do a vid on ltcaudT please asap thanks


How high do you think we can go until they pull the carpet up under our legs ?

Miodrag Orbovic says:

Create some group for your fans where we can chat and learn from you.

Ryan Harrison says:

These videos are great, just long enough to give good info to the point

R V says:

Thank you for this video!!

Q says:


Loko 007 Hernandez says:

U are my mind relaxer jeje thanks for the ideas

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