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Douglas Young says:

Bravo Sierra. 4 wrong vids in a row. The streak continues.

Beauty Queen says:

We miss u 😊happy to see you again❤️


Hey dude! Been following you for a while now, and I must ask. Based on your scenarios that you just shared on this video, it seems that you are confident that LTC will atleast test the $440 resistance mark before making an actual major pullback or breakout. But seeing the market right now, especially BTC in 49k-50k, is it really possible? Aren't we actually more prone to a dip?

Would really appreciate if you would respond, cheers!

linharesvids says:

Great vid. Litecoin is about to show why it’s the best oscillator crypto!

Joshua Hallett says:

Why you disappear during this major dip?

Neal Dog says:

I just want to say thank you, very helpful video your TA is spot on! Thanks bro! Making that bank with your help!

Steve T says:

yet again delusional

Gonzalo Galdamez says:

Tomorrow’s video or nexts week video?

Gonzalo Galdamez says:

Thank you Master

ry car says:

It’ll hit $3500. Just watch.

Nikola Vukovic says:

We should form ltc army and promote ltc on social media. Marketing is everything, you see how people pump some shitcoins by posting a lot on twitter, instagram, facebook…

G Money says:

Welcome back Big Gib. What are your thoughts on $COTI

Oscar Mejia Jr. says:

great video. Thank you

Michael Ruiz says:

You really think LTC is capable of getting up to over $2000????

Bash B says:

You almost did not back it up? Thanks anyway

Vision Lawn Care & Snowplow Inc. says:

What if it drops below $178?

72tonymarino says:

What you think about xlm

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