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Randal Elesha says:

Bitcoin looks set to achieve many new all time highs in 2021 but, when will the retail investors join the party? there are many investors feeling validated in the cryptocurrency market now that bitcoin's price has established a new all-time high of $40,778. The last time bitcoin traded anywhere near this level was during the bull run of 2017, when it reached a peak of about $19,783. Even the mainstream media took notice, including the new york times, which observed that the current rally had "a very different feel to it than the last time around." Many in the cryptocurrency community would agree. Therefore, its essential to take a deeper look at the factors that are driving the current rally. Some claim that more people are entering the market and that contributed in the bull run others claim it my be the retail investors cause they were also responsible for the 2017 rally that took bitcoin's price to $19,783. Well this is not the time to start pondering on speculations this is the time to go with the bull run and make the best from it. Most holders who had disbelieve in the asset when it was selling for as low as 10k are now rushing to buy when it's already at 30k+. The train has begun its movement and there is no stopping it. So my advice to newbies and other crypto partakers is to trade your assets and if that does not work out you can ask for assistance from Any expert trader. I work with Mr Richard Baker and i will recommend you work with him too. Because his signals are also accurate coupled with his unique strategy. I have closely accumulated up to 8btc in a space of only 3 months. And judging by the breakout i will be making more. This is not the time to sit around and waste your money on unnecessary things instead this is the time to put that cash into investing in crypto assets like bitcoin. Here are his contacts, on wts-app you can reach him @+447482862366 also tle-gram @Richardtrading.

Raf bean says:

I'm new to crypto, do you know if i could avoid tax if i transferred my crypto profit to my Isa account? My isa can have savings up to 20k tax free but I'm not sure if crypto investments are included. Uk investor here 🇬🇧 thanks

Michael Angelos says:

Operation crypto you are on fire!
Bought my litecoin at $50 and sold it at a hundred for 2x profit.
Boy, was that a mistake. Should have just held on

jon 29 says:

Good stuff as ever.👍🏻

MrSubmariner76 says:

Like. as always LTC one of my favourites. Sold out for a good profit. waiting for that next price entry. only 84 million. They should spike to $1k at least soon

Atalay Sezen says:

Thank you👏 We are still waiting in litecoin. I hope we will see 240 $ soon.

Karim Bou Hamdan says:

great video

Keep it up

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