Litecoin (LTC) Set For Big Gains In 2021?! – How High Can The Price Go? Price Prediction

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It’s time to talk about a crypto project that honestly isn’t getting alot of love or respect right now. We are talking about Litecoin.

During the 2017 bull market, other coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash received alot of the notoriety. However, Litecoin was right with them as a top project that made investors HUGE gains. In a way, these were all coins that really helped bring on the popularity of altcoins.

During this market, LTC has seemingly flew under the radar, but we believe that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s more or a slow and steady mover, but seems to be very consistent and is following a very similar pattern to what we saw in 2017-2018.

Sitting (at the time of filming) at a price point of less than half of its all time high (similar to Stellar Lumens (XLM) and Cardano (ADA), we believe Litecoin seems to be poised for a big run.

All of our videos are strictly personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. Never take just our opinion for financial guidance. There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit everyone. This video is NOT financial advice.

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Urs Malo says:

Litecoin is a sleeper like Charlie Lee…

Daniel Hagley says:

"I didn't see the value of Litecoin until the price went up" ……..That's NOT how you make money, nice try though.

Vision Lawn Care & Snowplow Inc. says:

Good video but not a great video. Don't take that the wrong way, you haven't really studied this coin and it shows in the video. I'll explain as to why I said what I said. LTC is in fact a better Coin then BTC. BtC has the big box office name, LTC was and is one of the oldest and most stable coin out of all of them. It offers more then BTC faster, cheaper and More coins available. You see the creator Charlie Lee a lot talking about LTC which you don't see hat in BTC. Yes big names are investing in LTC and there's a reason for that but LTC will reach ATHs that you've never seen before. Remember one thing just cause its not being talked about 24/7 doesn't mean it isn't as good as BTC or ETH its set up like that for a reason. You heard it here first. $2300 by Sept 2021. ETH cost more to create GAS FEES right? BTC takes longer right? Do a little more research on LTC and make another video in 2 months. I wish everyone much health, wealth and success! Ps. I've been in the game since 2015

y ll says:

Dca106 85 litecoin.hope it will moon asap

Xxyx says:

I have 10.46 hope they skyrocket bought them like 5 years ago

MMM says:

Everybody chasing that gold rush. I’m chasing that silver. Lol 😂

Hassan Syed says:

No Conflict of Interest as Charlie Lee wants to replicate Satoshi.

Hassan Syed says:

LTC easy hit to $400…profits in 2x… Still to touch previous highs!


I brought it at 159 euros pretty expensive right? But I think end of this year it could go up to 250-300 who knows maybe even higher

hlias kap says:

lite coin to the moon!!!!!!!!!

Steven Ross says:

I am curious about how being listed on PayPal will help. It will be the cheapest coin on there. I believe it will appeal to a lot of retail investors.

MDG says:

38 LTC here avarage 180 dollar (2017)

عيسى عيد says:

I bought 120 now190 aell now or wait

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