Litecoin Price Prediction 2021!! My $2,000 LTC Theory Explained

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Discussing The potential price target for Litecoin in 2021! Looking at Litecoin vs Bitcoin, Institutional inflows, The Litecoin chart pattern plus more!

00:00 Video Explanation
01:19 Litecoin LTC price prediction & How I came to this conclusion
06:06 The supporting evidence for this price prediction
15:06 Potential risks which could stop Litecoin performing well this cycle
18:25 The rest of The Cryptocurrency Markets & Final Thoughts
21:04 Like, Subscribe & What are your thoughts about Litecoin this cycle?

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Murfh fhw3rh says:

the most important thing youve missed is that LTCBTC ratio is in a descending figure for 5 years. So now it can be no higher than 0.011. In 2017 LTC was 1 of 2000 altcoins – now one of 8000 altcoins. What do you think of that?

vehbi güneş says:

Hı from TURKEY .It's a good analysıs bro, u r right absolutely right l agree with you. We will be winner 🙂

Big Boy Defi Pants says:

Great to see your show getting more and more views, i must be a bit of a maximalist as I cant get my head around Litecoin …i know I should trade it not date or hate it, just trade it!!

kenneth audenaert says:

subbed great analysis, more on LTC in the future please interesting crypto

Miro Profienov says:

Litecoin is hight cap superior altcoin eth can reach 5000 but Litecoin probably reach more than 1500-2000 USD momentun is up 700 usd now invest institucions corporation! Grayscale and normal Peoples with combination , and Q1 is cooperation and fundaments, Litecoin is under 300 very cheep only begginers dont have this coin look year 2009 ltc is second coin is a Digital silver and momentum after break 360 USD will be insane prepare to boom.

S says:

Thanks for the great contents as always!

AEWFans says:

Fantastic breakdown and analysis brother.

Enrike G. says:

litecoin is like bitcoin, a crptocurrency than you can save your money,, it is secure and a trustable coin for 9 years. institutions are moving their money to secure their money,,, thats is why PAYPAL integrated it, and do you know that is not a security at SEC ?, same as bitcoin? therefore is less risky. than other alts.

tburon says:

I think the risk for LiteCoin not to rocket like Bitcoin it’s the new coming value coins in volatile market people will jump on other more affordable coins.!

tburon says:

Totally agree .!

tburon says:

liteCoin will follow Bitcoin sky rocket by October will by almost 1000 dollars as crypto become more popular. I only got 3 lite coin I’m on the loosing side now but will hold. Not getting millions but if I can turn it and buy penny crypto 🤞🏽

Johson mabel says:

Wow . I was doubting this whole thing but what I got today is a confidence pill. I'm doing this again @hackerzhiyong on telegram/ is doing great 😍😍😳

Johson mabel says:

Wow . I was doubting this whole thing but what I got today is a confidence pill. I'm doing this again @hackerzhiyong on telegram/ is doing great 😍😍😳

Vang Vang says:

Great breakdown as well. 👍✅

Allen Burgess says:

Astonishingly brilliant explanation! I believe you are right on the money.

Vang Vang says:

Awesome video brother! 🙌😁📈🚀

SouthHitFilms Free says:

I bought litecoin thinking it would hit one million dollar.

SouthHitFilms Free says:

Your teeth is like my teeth and I got one litecoin bought

Raf Bean says:

I purchased 1 litcoin yesterday. Regardless of what anyone says i won't cash it out. Hopefully it explodes

Golfer Dude 323 says:

Good video but why are more institutions and people in general more into ETH rather than LTC? How can you suggest such a huge amount for ltc if nobody is really liking at all and gets no press at all compared to ETH

Hemala Hemala says:

I can't find LiteCoin on googleplay , anyone that can help me ?

Golden Paydirt Reviews says:

LiteCoin is the affordable buy to those who Couldn’t afford Bitcoin! That will be it’s next step to hit $10k Bitcoin will become the apple and LiteCoin will be the Walmart!

Mr. X says:

Would u buy at 155??

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