Litecoin Price Prediction- Why $1200 LTC is Probable THIS CYCLE

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This Litecoin Price Prediction video breaks down why the LTC cryptocurrency is on pace to smash its all-time highs in the year 2021. #Litecoin #LTC

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Crypto Ride says:

Community Question: How high do YOU predict the Litecoin price to rise in 2021?

David Wong says:

BULLSHIT….if LiteCoin hits $1,200…I will shaved my head in front of the nation…

Gaming with Chief Deadly says:

Mon_ruo says:

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Lakshit Dhanuka says:

Like I'm new to crypto..I did research on my part…and is ready to invest in litecoin…with what number should I start buying(how much money should I invest) in the beginning ..any suggestions please?

Metal Bum says:

Ltc looks solid



Club Bonfire Productions says:

Finally someone that understands this coin besides me and sees it being the leader of the altcoin rise!

Stonkodactyl says:

One thing is certain. It will skyrocket as soon as I sell. So, pray I sell 🙂

CrypticW1sd0m says:

Mine and Earn LTC today for free!

Ng Gavin says:

Yup pretty much no brainer if you don't hold Litecoin you will lose money big time, don't forget about Dash bro, another POW faster than LTC, 10 sec confirmation speed. Huge and a resurgence in Venezuela and Brazil right now.

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