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G. T. says:

2.5K – 3K$ in 2025. Sister of BTC…

Jared S says:

You can make more money with buying land with trees on it. Buy a chainsaw and a sawmill setup. Process the trees and make a cabin and sell it for 80-120k. Much better than a crypto backed by nothing.

qloudz says:

Can't wait for this thing to FINALLY do a face melting pump so I can dump the lot 🤭

D D says:

what's up with mimblewimble?? its the 15th

Manfred Oggier says:

Litcoin forever

Barry whitelaw says:

Let's hope i only have 10 litecoin 5% of my portfolio but I have had them for a long long time. Hoping for that 500 bucks mark at some point .

Joshua A. Kennedy says:

This is a lot better then my XLM

buju buju says:

I'm late but i'm here thank you

Charles Provenzano says:

Great video as always Chris, love your LTC content. Hopefully it can hold above $184.

ghanthor says:

Seems it doesn't matter if Litecoin's done… it matters if Bitcoin's done.. as Litcoin and all others basically drop when Bitcoin does.. so unless BTC stops dropping and starts moving sideways…

todd borden says:

You are the best at simplifying it all. Thanks Chris

Bruce says:

What is everybody talking about? Look at the 3 month charts ffs! Its going great, just a little dip and a massive bulltrend. Nothing to complain! What? People expect these coins to just PUMP aaaall the time and never stop?? Hellooooo!?!?

p35 flash says:

Thanks for more litecoin videos! Always appreciated.

Turborewind says:

I'll be buying soon. Not much selling going on.

Golfer Dude 323 says:

Ltc is fading away

Tom Cushnie says:

Bought 20 yesterday. Yikes but I know in the longrun it'll be good. Thanks for the video

Sea Sun And Chilies M says:

Going down to 160 !

Old School Comp Sci says:

#Litecoin is just fine guys get ready for ATHs

Surface Pro7 says:

thanks chris

Viktor Andrashko says:

Great video, mate!

shamsudin bahrudin says:

tq nice video

Dario V says:

Yeah , what happened with the mimble wimble ? That's today , wasn't that supposed to bring it up?

RM AZ says:

Thanks Chris

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