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John 1:5


Jj Bryant says:

Please please please don’t stop making these videos they truly help me so much please don’t stop. Also lite and BTC coin updates are my favorite!

Thrifty Styler says:

I'm just buying bits on the down and try to jump out on the high but only a once or twice a week. It's a question of patience and it's fun when you can gain a little more. I rode the high and lost in 2017 and try to take profit now. One day our patience will pay out. It's fun while we wait and yes please carry on with your great job if you're happy doing it I'm sure we all appreciate your effort.

D K says:

Hey Chris, recently found your channel and I love it. You’re the first update I look for when I open YouTube and work my way down from there. I also got in during 2017-2018 and lost a ton of paper but I’m ready for this journey with you and everyone else. Don’t let the rail birds get to you and keep doing your thing.

Zach Odell says:

Love the updates bro. I have about 14k in crypto assets and am for the long term…was wondering about blockfi and building interest but heard it wasn't safe…any input chris?

Ayman Abueid says:

Just keep holding


Nice vid..continue indeed..

George Stobbart says:

ive made excessive losses

ghanthor says:

Keep up the good work

critho33 says:

Chris – appreciate the content and the measured analysis. Ignore the noise from the less experienced. If they keep watching, they’ll understand and appreciate your approach.

hereticsaint100 says:

Your work is great. I appreciate it.

Manuel Oliveira says:

I really apreciate your videos and I hope you continue. Thanks for sharing with us, Chris. Stay safe. i wish you the best.

LifeOfTexasTony says:

Yes keep it up you’ve helped me ignore the rest

Alexander Letterhag says:

I really appreciate your TA and I always leave a like. Keep it up. Thanks for your promotion free videos and God bless.

MontCookie says:

just discovered your video today, nice vid bro

Allen Burgess says:

I have stressed this before and I will stress it again. I know everyone keeps referring back to the 2017 charts, but I remember the entire year of 2013 playing out differently with Bitcoin. Remember, the entire year not just the end. We may be seeing something like that happen again this year.

East coast red Yum says:

Like one sucks in the crack over 200 I didn’t hit its all time high everyone else did I think like one’s about done

Steven Tyrrell says:

Thanks Chris, I do enjoy the LTC updates!!…

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