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John 3:16


Michael Black says:

I disagree with a lot of your points but that’s okay

Shantanu Mishra says:

Down form now

Edith Rivera says:

I’m so happy ☺️ I have been earning $18,000 returns from my $6,000 Investment every 13 days.

Malik Ross says:

There is a cool guy, who can be googled as 'trading Walter Bulls'. He made a fortune a few years ago. Not long ago, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of professionals. This guy shows how to copy him automatically using such services. We have to try while the market is on the rise

Kevin Erb says:

I see a lot of people waiting in cash. Makes me bullish. Although pretty sure we will be sideways for a couple months

dad says:

Please stop talking about litecoin. You shilled litecoin 5 months -only shitcoin which didnt pump!!!! Its biggest shitcoin and is deadcoin

shamsudin bahrudin says:

waiting bounce. when many fear we buy.. accumulate

Kit Biggz says:

Why Litecoin? So many other good alts that have better percentage gains vs btc like chainlink, uniswap, pokadot

TheWealthWatchman says:

I got into cash recently because BTC's lack of strength and gusto was concerning…totally unimpressive.

The big money has to be seeing it too if I am.

I'm now in cash and waiting.

hazelphire hamm says:

Thx chris God Bless

Mitch 117 says:

Just sitting waiting wishing for a ltc bounce 🙏

UVstarbaby says:

Thank you for the bullet points, Chris. It's a good education. I'm looking forward to when Litecoin will keep moving up regardless of Bitcoin. I believe it's very possible. I'm a hodler for the long haul, so up or down doesn't matter to me this early in the game. At some point, after Litecoin makes the big time, I may start trading a few. I definitely appreciate your guidance!

R James says:

El Salvador 🇸🇻, Sullivan Barrera fight, NCR, Sheetz Stores, paywithmoon and Amazon, Shopify, PayPal, Flexa Spedn app, Venmo, Litecoin Visa, MWEB.

The future for Bitcoin and Łitecoin is looking more bullish every day. 💃🏾

Mary Hammonds says:

I’m out of everything right now, just watching and waiting! Thanks for the update!

Unknown4U says:

Also my bd haha

Unknown4U says:

11seconds bois lets go

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