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Not Financial Advice!

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Kelvin McCormack says:

Stocks are good but I swapped and invested in cryptocurrency(Bitcoin) I've been earning much from it💵
people will be kicking themselves in regrets in few weeks if they miss this opportunity of buying and investing in Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency).

Sharmack says:

I like the LTC only videos.

Lino Rocha says:

We like the cram!!!!!! You the man Chris!!!

Bill says:

It's good you have a dedicated LTC video, not many people even cover it at all. Thanks Chris.

TheBajMahal says:

as a new crypto buyer i found ur video from buying my first litecoin

Woad Shaman says:

Best comment in this video: Always being risk aware first, never invest more than what you're willing to lose!

Mr. X says:

Yeah keep doing em like this

Woad Shaman says:

It is helpful to have the analysis of individual coins. It is a challenge for the average person to try to keep up to date on multiple coins.

Juicy J says:

LTC is a sleeping giant

That_90’s_Chic says:

Please continue to do separate videos. Thanks

Xpim 3D says:

Individual 🙂 tks

Ivan Rashev says:

LTC is so undervalued, but when Bitcoin max out, guess where the investors would move to…

Kam Bria says:

Hi Chris, this is totally random , what about “ The Graph Coin”. It reads ok ?? Thoughts, many thanks 🙏🏾

Gene Brassett says:

beside price what's the difference in Ethereum Classic ETC & Ethereum ETH ? beside price in your opinion would ETC be something to get into or should I say it like this could it move like
litecoin or bitcoin in your opinion ?

Jake Hester says:

When litecoin came out I thought it was going to be the new bitcoin.<so far iv lost 1/9th i would like to see it go up 20 to 100 bucks or drop to a dollar a piece

buju buju says:

2017 last time i bought lite coins never sell one since then

buju buju says:

I love litecoin

Gerald Moses R says:

Individual please, and all together. All good!

buju buju says:

Do litecoin evry day please

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