LITECOIN PUMPING STRAIGHT TO $1000 WITHOUT STOPPING!!!!??? Here's The Key Levels For Trading This

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Technical analysis, news, price predictions and more!


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Intro: (0:00)
Technical analysis: (1:00)
Litecoin VS Bitcoin: (2:50)
Litecoin reversal confirmed: (6:47)
Institutional money buying Litecoin: (9:18)
History of bitcoin competitors: (12:12)
Network stats Litecoin vs Bitcoin: (13:35)
More TA : (14:58)

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Fzb says:

Glad you're covering LTC. I have accumulated the last few months when it was below 60$ while everybody said it was dead. I went to LTC for transactions during last bullrun in 2017 because of BTC getting slow an high fees. If BTC gets slow again I will use LTC again, and that is a reason it holds value.

Ryan Danger says:

Ffff, litecoin could go to 4k, Slowly going down? it got overtaken by tether? Just cause something is repressed doesn't mean its valueless. Litecoin has one of the cheapest and fastest networks with a namebrand recognition, It still potentially is the silver to Bitcoins gold, If you want a transactable currency litecoin is maybe the best, that gives it a huge value.



Codi Francis says:

I have 11k I am considering putting into litecoin. this is nothing more than "fun money". I am in it for a long term holding. I am between litecoin and etherium. which do you think would give the more sizeable gainz and will perform better long term… you mention litecoin keeps trending down. do you think it goes stagnate and dies?

Club Bonfire Productions says:

When Grayscale is holding and PayPal is selling Litecoin that’s an indication that you are clueless and the price goes minimum to $800 on this Run! Stop using the acronym FOMO you sound like everybody else on here which is very juvenile. You might want to do another two years before you make any more videos. Just saying!

Michael says:

I like ltc so I invested in it. Then I saw btc went up and ltc kept going down. It's a bit of concern. Why it's going down?

Erik Schall says:

Of all of the legitimate cryptos LTC is the one that is actually fulfilling
the promise of Be Your Own Bank !! Liquidity , Functionality and Privacy
will drive LTC significantly higher !!

Investing&more says:

Litecoin dies every second according to people, still its here, spreading just useless FUD isn’t gonna make it down.

Btw, mentioning ‘shares’ is a rookie mistake, just saying. You can’t compare them to Amazon or Facebook stock, another rookie mistake

Bato Cesco says:

Check smartcash please. I think, that now the altcoin season is comming soon. If you want to do a trade (no fundamental trade) just a gain trade, for thr next 3-6 months, you should check SmartCash (SMART). tradable on hitBTC. Thank me later… (x1150)!!! Please make a video about this coin ans thank me later 🙂

william simin says:

You just didn’t buy it in deep,all good buddy you can buy it back next bull market 🙂

Matt says:

You missed some important fundamental analysis, Charlie Lee is working with David Burkett to implement privacy on Litecoin using MimbleWimble. Testnet for MimbleWimble has been implemented and David has stated that we can see it launch on LTC early 2021 making LTC the largest privacy coin.

Виктор Краснов says:

Usefull Channel. Very intresting info. I dont now about next ATH, but i think LTC will broke previos ATH 370 USD defenitely. Litecoin has another important advantage, which not many people know and understand – it is a limited amount in circulation and that it is essentially a smaller, faster and cheaper version of bitcoin. In my opinion, when bitcoin, with a limited amount of coins in circulation, becomes expensive (between 50-100 K. USD), people will look for an analogue and see a cheap litecoin, the cost of which will be much lower than bitcoin, and that's when the real FOMO will come and it will be able to break through 1000 k and go much higher. After all, Litecoin even now looks cheap against the background of bitcoin for 23k and then it's not just some shitcoin, but a real coin that has been in the top coinmarketcap for a very long time., I think that's why Grayscale buys them quietly.

Albert smit says:

the clickbate shit under your vids makes this show a shit show at the base

Angelo Perrotti says:

Feel bad For the people That are gonna fommoing in next summer,… blessed to be in this early 😸

Tadas C says:

No, actually litecoin will go up to $10k, fill your trezor ledger wallets with litecoin, sell your house, sell your kids, sell your soul, just buy buy buy, it's going to $10,000 US Dollars at least!

Greg says:

dragonchain 100x!!!!

TuT N Gaming says:

Litecoin 🚀🚀🚀

King says:

I only have 11 Ltc should I sell and buy 2 ethereum

maryan salah says:

Let's be honest is only high in price atm because ppl buying high because they want to live the dream of bitcoin I wait until the dip good for ppl who buy it when it was 50 or less dollR but now I am not chasing something is going high as this is a hype

Gray Matters says:

Reason Litecoin is so unpopular is because of Charlie Lee himself, the reason Litecoin never succeeded is solely on his shoulders

Silas Lesly says:

Should i sell high and buy back in the dips?

AnimalsAre BeautifulPeople says:

Only a thousand? I think at least a few thousand

Allen Burgess says:

Your "crazy, pie in the sky" prediction of $1k is actually very conservative. Litecoin will top out between $2k and $3k. Bitcoin will most likely top out in the $200k to $300k range. Now realize when I'm saying this that the top will not last long. Month, week, maybe even hours and then POP! So make sure to take profits before hand and buy back a year later when everyone is saying cryptos will go to zero.

Johnny Deep says:

You're crazy if you think litecoin is going back to 85…with bitcoin 23600
Litecoin can only go to 500 from here minimum.

Dave John Decolas says:

Where can I buy LTC and ADA?

Energy says:

Underrated channel. Preciate your content! Gonna book a sesh one day

paul gulati says:

While doing the dishes……………!!! hmmm…

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