LITECOIN Strong Technical Analysis **MUST BEFORE TOMORROW**

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Where does Litecoin go in the next 12 hours, worst case 24 hours?
Lets find out in this video.

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G Money says:

Good stuff bro👊

Gabriel Montano says:

Great Video Bro.

CL H says:

What’s your twitter bro

Rubicon says:

Good looking out with the LTC update! Really enjoy the short straight to the point analysis!

Drew Hoyler says:

Nice video. Quick and to the point. Can you do a breakdown on where you think ETH is heading?

R V says:

Bro, i was waiting on this video all day!!! Lmao keep them coming, im hooked on these daily videos. 🤜🤛 Appreciate you!!

buju buju says:

First thank you

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