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Jr__ Bless says:

Just bought the dip in litecoin

Rubicon says:

Crushing it with these LTC videos brother man!! Always looking forward to your videos when you post them. Some big purchases of LTC happened today a couple big spikes on some candles. Institutions buying the dip.

jack jo says:

So… I would take profit at 390 just to be safe… thanks man! If only i knew this channel earlier i would not be caught up at 240$ now… Still a beginner…Hope this video break the 300 like psycological resistance soon…😁

prefer Not2 says:

Been trying to get my no-coiner people in on LTC (like I did when ADA was 8 cents) telling them to get in RIGHT NOW since $202, and the continued dip is making them think I'm full of it. I keep saying "is it?! Thats awesome! I'm buying more right now!" Time delayed "told ya so" before yet another round of "let me know if you ever see a good opportunity like that again" you all know what I'm saying


30 coins at 188 right now I doubt it will stay below 200 for a while if it does im buying more

Joe Lamb says:

All you guys talk about is prices going up!! But that never happens

Daniel Leech says:

Wait for the media narrative "Litecoin is only 4x the supply of BTC yet it's 300 times cheaper!!"

Leroy Brent says:

Investing in crypto is the only Big change of making money

Ezequiel says:

I hope it, it is my favourite coin tbh

Naemo says:

Thank you. Interesting and informative!! Subscribed 🙂

R V says:

Thank you bro!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

jack river says:

then if this is the case after that we should have a down trend to below 30$ again

no dude says:

Bought 3 more LiteCoins today

kidrockn4vr says:

I’m down $600 should I cash out and start buying the dips all the way up or let it ride?

72tonymarino says:

So after hitting 400 do u thing it will still follow and go all the way back down. Or Continue into all time high

Roger says:

Ltc should explode like btc, its always a late comer

buju buju says:

Thank you once again


The trend is your friend until the end

Roger says:

Lol i dont feel stupid for buying at 227

Ron says:

SO glad I found your analysis. Been accumulating down from 190 to 183. Ready to get more if price drops again…

Stephen H says:

Thank you for the updates!

Nick says:

when we hit our target should we expect a similar to July 2019 -march 2020? thanks man

Dan Colvell says:

Been accumulating during this dip below 200

Moe_ 07 says:

Great video man

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