Low Cap Altcoin Gems with 1000x potential

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Sheldon Evans says:

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علي Gemar ss says:


Keviin Cosmos says:

Sheldon – 2 things
1. Will you make a weekly live talk on what you're thinking. To sell, to buy how much, just talking.

2. What is you take on MUST, going into the Chinese market today.
My Neighbor Alice, launching soon
MKR, is it to late
Divi wallet projekt (my friend has created that)

Angela M says:


Manny Ruiz says:

He does get paid to promote these coins. It's one of his passive sources of income.

Christian Schoner says:

Attention TIXL dont have a marketcap of only 10M!!! The coins are out is Not Even 10% of what they have! So marketcap is More than 300m!!!

Igors Met says:

Shopping +100% today, are you a Crypto God bro 😎 😂

Ara Dermosessian says:

SPI is currently trading at $63.23… wow whoever watched this video and traded for SPI, good on you lol.

Your analysis and recommendation does seem to push people towards certain coins Sheldon, hope you are getting an indirect benefit from it as well

cor schoonbeek says:

i hate this. see this video. try to do my own research. find out where to buy. and then after 1 day already fom 9.- up to 55,-

Oek Brienesse says:

What is the best exchange where u dont need to register

IAQA Toronto Chapter says:

you should take a look at Digipharm – DPH, a defi healthcare play that is partnering with governments and pharmaceutical companies.

Joe Joe Joe says:

nice click bait !!

Andre Ruigrok says:

Check out Maidsafe, it will 🤯 your mind

Humming_Bird11 says:

How do I get to change the telegram's that you talk about ?

Doradus Mega says:

THESE HAVE ALREADY PUMPED, what's so special about your video ?

Rob Rob says:

Tixl seems very interesting. It would be very interesting to know what you think of Tixl vs Blocknet.

vshyam121 says:

Is there one exchange where I can buy all the coins mentioned here? Or would I have to buy each in a different exchange?

AliBaba Iraq says:

this video is misleading… it was recorded in an earlier time. the price of shopping . io was double the shown price the day this video came out

Mastiff Pitbull says:

Soon we will be using our country's cbdc

Leandro R says:

Need help. Whats the best way to store SPI once I swap it with Uniswap? Can I just leave it in my Coibase wallet or Metamask wallet? Is it safe? I dont want to get a hardware wallet so I was wondering whats the best way to store it as a software.

Thumper Hunts says:

Did this video pump the price 50%?

djbasicjohnson says:

15:45 you still dropshipping?

Mr1X says:

Take a look at these low marketcap coins:
Wing (lending platform from the founders of Ontology) – 20m marketcap
Frontier (DeFi aggregator) – 20m marketcap

Especially after the massive bump of lending platforms. Its hard to imagine that these two coins dont go up a lot. Especially Frontier is very unique and combines all of DeFi in one place.

Danov says:

Why am I not surprised to see Canada in the top 10 of E-commerce revenue. Canada has always been a follower. Never a leader, unless you count mediocre hockey teams!

eli says:

You look unwell

Ghassan Hannouche says:

On which platform we can trade these three ?

djbasicjohnson says:

damn SPI went to 40$ seen that video too late

Crypto Crane says:

I hope icon is on the list 🚀🚀

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