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MAJOR ETHEREUM AND CARDANO UPDATE – THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF THE GROWTH TOWARDS NEW HIGHS OR NO? This is a video that goes over the current news coming out about Ethereum and Cardano. I believe that having more access to both in terms of purchasing will be a major boost in the price moving higher as more and more companies allow for them to be purchased.

We watched the crypto crash lately and it was painful to the portfolios. I do believe we will see some good days ahead, but this has been tough sledding. With the Ethereum price dropping down over 40% in a matter of hours, it gives us a good chance at buying. The Ethereum 2021 price is big.

This comes down to high how will ethereum go? The ethereum price prediction is one that changes quite frequently as the market conditions change. Wondering when ethereum will hit $10,000 is a good question. The ethereum news has been good lately. I also go over the Polygon price prediction. I believe the Metic price prediction will be about 3-4 times higher. The ethereum price prediction is a must see. Ethereum price prediction will be big. Ethereum buy or sell?

Witn the Cardano price prediction and the current Cardano news, we are seeing some big movements to the south for Cardano and the other cryptos lately. I do believe we could see a nice bounce back sooner than later for the Cardano price. I hope the Cardano price prediction will be one that runs much higher than current prices. The addition of Cardano to Webull is a nice add on for them.

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Pedro Jimenez says:

There’s more risk in growth stocks (we all should know that). Investing is about time and fundamentals but there are ppl that just don’t do their DD and buy without thinking.

Thank you Moe for help us understand what investing is.

Alberto Hernandez says:

If your from New York what app does everyone use to buy crypto? Webull does not allow it if your in New York

Jim Seem says:

It’s crashing

Michael Godwin says:

Since you can’t respond to comments anymore, it would be awesome if you added a segment to your videos where you highlight questions in the comment section and provide your opinion!

Kray DH says:

can you look up and research about Nano. Thank you!

Om Basnet says:

Hi Moe, what is your take on COIN ??

Lukas Taylor says:

Thinking about buying some more ETH today at 1900$ ish, but I have a hunch it’s gonna keep dropping and I should postpone buying til it’s at a lower price. What do you guys think ? Thanks

Zach Wagner says:

I’m so stoked I can buy ADA on Webull!! ETH and ADA going to change my life for the better. 🙏🏼

Nicole Row says:


BadBoyDave says:

great cap 😉

dylan cash says:

Love your content! I’ve been dollar cost averaging into sofi, bought more NIO and CHPT!

CJ 2.0 says:

Waiting for Ethereum’s long-awaited London hard fork

El Cid1987 says:

Love the hat, Moe! Cleveland Browns to the Super Bowl and $10,000 ETH in February 2022!

Andy S says:

Everything will be much better than it is now. In 100-200 years we should see a 1 million btc and 100k eth. Our great grandkids will thank us for holding for them.

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