Market Open | 2 Days Left in Q2 & Crypto Rally!

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Rosa Bridges says:

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DevineHammer says:

Fire Inu. 246k mc on bsc and 224k mc on eth. A month old so NOT AT ALL a pump and dump nor is it just a meme coin. This project is here to stay. Vetted by Anon so its safu and we just got a billboard in Times Square. We also just partnered with Mazer Gaming, so we're stepping into the esports industry. This project has so much potential.

Niel Armstrong says:

If Kevin isn’t a paid shill, then he is the weirdest acting human being I’ve ever seen. 😂

Pinned by Meet Kêvîñ says:

*t:h:a:n:k:ß f:o:r t:h:e c:o:m:m:e:n:t a:n:d b:e v:i:g:i:l:a:n:t f:o:r m:o:r:e i:n:f:o:r:m:a:t:i:o:n a:n:d g:u:i:d:a:n:c:e c:o:n:t:a:c:t

w'h'a't's'a'p'p +


Luke Miller says:

We’re sort squeezing amc

Veronica Davidson says:

Thanks for the recipe app sweetness!

Alex montes says:

Thoughts on sofi below 20?

Isabelle Lim says:

I'm waiting to see whether there will be a " 50% S&P Market Crash & Crypto Crash" as predicted by Harry Dent !

Chris Aussem says:

What’s your thought in TGGI or have you ever looked at it

Dartanian Dawson says:

Kevin the same thing happens to me with Siri and google assistant

Induction Performance says:

Love the channel. I try to watch every night. Love the mention of XPEV.

Cole Snyder says:

Legit Kevin’s annunciation turning into Jeff Goldblum

Pokey Johnson says:

Bought another 100 shares of ORLA @ 3.71, 3.72, 3.73. To the moon!!!!!!!!!!! Keep watching these trades are going to be big winners in 2021. Stocks always come back. Which if you know this it makes you a market god. In my case a black market god!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buy! Buy! Buy! Buy! ORLA to the moon.

Michael Casper says:

Have a good day

Steve Siegelin says:

Everybody be prepared! We Are Climbing so fast with Bitcoin than I expected huge drop at 40,000 followed by a very quick climb so we're only going to have about two to two-and-a-half hours to make a purchase when the drop hits! I may be wrong but this is been the pattern the last couple weeks. Good luck and happy Trading!

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