Mashinsky’s $16K BTC Prediction & Why Holding Dollars is a LIABILITY

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Aaron Bennett says:


rohat erdoğan says:

sorandeniz.crypto thanks alot

rohat erdoğan says:

soranrotan.crypto thank you

mad slug says:

Also, marry Christmas my dear dude ❤. Keep up the amazingness.
Also lost some XRP in panic sale btw… but it's ok, we just learning cheap lessons. Better now then latter on when our wallets will be worth much more 🙂

mad slug says:

Congrays for the 9k bro 🙂

Dan/Mad Slug.

agar223 says:

Thanks for info. Hard not to get emotional with trades

makster86 says:

Aaron you think you can do a review of Webull for buying crypto? I know that Robinhood sucks because you can't actually move the crypto. But don't know anything about Webull doing it.

Resdr Fdare says:

Merry Christmas I received 1btc from @Zombiecrypto on telegram so grateful sir good program🙌🙌

JRD876 says:

Thanks Alot Bro!!!

Flav' Bee says:

Merry Christmas 🎄 Blackfang.zil

Tien1million says:

I would ask what is the time frame for his pull back to happen?

Michael Tomassini says:


Camila Daquan says:

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