Mega64: Ico

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Mega64’s Ico skit from the Version 2 DVD. A tale of friendship more timeless than the game itself.

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Zakira Gur says:

The golden days, where have they gone?

mightycirus says:

Ah memories now 2021 this is now timeless

Pure Natural says:

Still coming back every now and then to appreciate this masterpiece.

Lindsay Stubbs says:

I was just thinking about this video today, had to come back and see it again

Ankur Bhaskar says:

Omfg that woman who backed her kid away lmao. If they did this skit today more people would understand/be receptive of it, some may even know the exact game they’re portraying haha.

cristo aceves says:

14 years after and still funny

Vegan Gainz Hue says:

I miss when people did not take themselves so seriously.

Velzek says:

This video was posted before the PS3 came out, and only now has it garnered more than a million views. Some things just take time to bloom.

cool man so great says:

you woulb be called a simp for doing that now lol

Cok Toe says:

People don't comment on this video as much as they did 14 years ago.

Jay Moneyyy says:

just 1000 more views yall

JJ Loves Pop says:

Hi! Im Yuta. from NCT 127

Juan Pimentel says:

Who’s still watching this in 2020?

Back4Fungame says:


methusulah says:

one of the oldest and greatest videos on youtube and still not a million views yet?

vansdan says:

it's pronounced 'eee koh' you hack frauds

NullEntropy says:

is it michelle or jeniffer? Looks like Jeniffer…

Khed says:

This was too perfect god damn you guys know how to stay relevant and timeless xD

Cracker Jack ASMR says:

Who is the lady Rocco is leading around?

Faced Man says:

top 10 anime relationships

WickedIsPopular says:

I remember when I first saw this video lol! I had just moved to WA from CA. Still miss Balboa Park lol.

westlax34 says:

The best part is when the cameraman can't hold in his laugh

Bartropolis says:

This is one of the more aesthetic Mega64 skits I feel.

xerohwun says:

still my favorite

Da Drumma says:

That couple laughing their asses off at 1:30 gives me life.

Chase says:

Ive been watching these guys from from most viewed and down.. theyre fucking geniuses

Aqua Man says:

Sounds and looks like Manchild who lost his mom.

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