Merchant token: the biggest Defi ICO of 2021 … maybe not?

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– 00:00 introduction
– 00:25 What is Merchant Token
– 03:20 How does it work
– 05:26 Fee structure
– 06:41 Centralised Merchant Blockchain
– 08:59 Tokenomics
– 10:20 The good Things
– 13:00 The bad things
– 15:18 Final conclusion

The Merchant Token is an ICO that claims to be the biggest DEFI ICO in 2021. That is a bold statement and worth taking a look at. In this video we go over the good things and the bad things. In the end, everyone will have to make their own conclusion, but there are a few concerns for sure.

The solution that the Merchant Token offers makes sense: crypto payments are missing consumer protection because there is no chargeback solution. The Merchant Token wants to solve this issue. However this is hardly an innovate DEFI solution. Digging deeper into the white paper they mention their own private blockchain and a new token, which is concerning at least. Sadly this information is nowhere to be found on the timeline.

Additionally there is a lot of details missing concerning how to protocol works, what it’ll do exactly on a technical level and what they’ll be developing. I expect more from the biggest Defi ICO of 2021.

Of course it’s not all bad: the team seems capable, they have their own POS solution and they are very public about who they are and it seems like they are getting the marketing machine up and running. Which is, at this stage of the bullrun, more important then fundamentals (just look at Doge Coin, Shiba Inu, Safemoon etc).

Long story short: I see room for a short term play. For a long term investment it’s simply not clear what they are going for and depending on what it is, I see no future.

Usefull links:
– Merchant Token:
– Whitepaper:
– Company register:
– HIPS payments group:

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Mathew wills says:

timothygart @ gmail com

zyx says:

Thanks for yet another great and detailed video 🙂 And thanks to @Imagine Star and @David Joffe for adding vital info as well!

Markus Holmberg says:

If you click on Tokenomics and scroll down you see Timelock in the right how and when the Tokens is disputed.
And if you read more down the line you can see that they have a partnership with The Payment House a pretty big company in Norway in digital payment solutions.
With the tokens and with USDC you can pay for your taxi, 20.000 in Scandinavia and 10.000 i UK in first hand and i'm pretty sure that it is more to come.

Read on more!

Mohamed Ait Maalloum says:

$60k in lets 20x inchallah

David Joffe says:

"For a long term investment it's simply not clear what they are going for and depending on what it is, I see no future." As I understand the main idea is not just consumer protection stuff, but I see the main idea as to try mainstream crypto payments at Point of Sale. That is potentially massive IF they can succeed … imagine crypto payments at retail Point of Sale could eventually be as common as, say, swiping a credit card is now? They've raised a relatively large amount of capital now toward their goals. So to me that's worth a long-term hold to see. Also FYI, they don't purely want to 'do their own blockchain' as I understand, their system is supposed to work on (quoting from their whitepaper) "any blockchain with support for smart contracts like Ethereum, Cardano (ADA) or Solana, which we believe is the missing piece for crypto payments to have a market penetration and acceptance among mainstream consumers"

Regarding engineers – they're advertising for developer jobs, which to me is a good sign. Their current developers are also active on GitHub so you can see some of what they're doing – there's real development going on. I don't see it as an issue that they haven't built the entire system out yet – the point of this kind of early investment is to raise capital to do that, generally speaking. (Standard disclaimers apply, e.g. 'this is not investment advice')

jayman says:

Got in at 25 cents🚀🚀🚀🤑🤑🤑

Investor Bren says:

ATTENTION: token release
I made a mistake regarding the token release schedule. It's available both on p29 of the whitepaper and on the main page "token metrics".

Imagine Star says:

64 million will be in circulation, the rest will be locked for at least 2- 4 years

Pieter Holthausen says:

Cool video! Can you maybe do one about Ethereum staking? Don’t understand what it is and how I could participate. Thanks!

TheSmarties Gaming says:

Hey thx for the video man! Thx!

Romel Salwi says:

When are you migrating to Solana?

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