Michael Saylor – "If Bitcoin Keeps Going Like This You'll Be A Millionaire In No Time"

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Michael Saylor – “If Bitcoin Keeps Going Like This You’ll Be A Millionaire In No Time”

In this video explains why embracing volatility can lead to long-term, continuous improvement and how to make decisions with conviction regarding investing, business, and life; Saylor reveals critical economic indicators, his stance on bitcoin, the future of big tech on innovation and education, amongst other topics!

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CREDITS (Full Interview):
Michael Saylor on Economics, Bitcoin and Decision Making

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Steykal Ecker says:

Crypto = Bitcoin

Shitcoins = Fintech Companies linked to the reason why Crypto aka Bitcoin was created.

Bitcoin is sound money.

R James says:

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Gavin Haugrud says:

Im so fucking done with all of these "financial channels" editing some tiny detail like captions into interview footage they stole and then making their own video out of it.

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sauve qui peut says:

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Cooper Hazard says:

I don't like how he worded this video, but i do like the overall idea that he stated

Julian Ruvalcaba says:

Okay. Michael Saylor invented Bitcoin! Just watch

akvacancy says:

Truth, drop your old paradigms

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