Morgan Creek's Anthony Pompliano and Kevin O'Leary debate Bitcoin

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The Treasury Department is proposing a new regulations surrounding cryptocurrency last week, but with Bitcoin sitting well over $20,000, could it still be a good play for your portfolio? Anthony Pompliano, co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets, and Kevin O’Leary, chairman of O’Shares ETFs and co-host of “Shark Tank,” join “Squawk Box” to discuss. Subscribe to CNBC PRO for access to investor and analyst insights on bitcoin and more:

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Chris M says:

made 350 with my 1500 crypto purchase. you can tell something is up and people are becoming more comfortable buying crypto. I think another factor is not taken to account. there are tons of young people supporting bitcoin so while these old conservative do avoid bitcoin, the number of young have tons of time on their hands before retirement view crypto as a real investment. This will shift its place as a valid investment because when you have a worldwide currency that is supported like this then you have technically money you can spend traveling without all those fees and buying without tons of regulations controlling its direction and location

jempoy24 says:

watch kevin leary talk about btc 2013 LOL

Paul Hallelujah says:

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Vu Vu says:

old quote – Do You Wanna Be Right, or Do You Wanna Make Money?

Doug Lemley says:

Let me get this straight, BTC isn't even an amoeba…. but regulators are going to come after it?? Ok, Kev

Victoria Charity says:

I love how open minded you are about lnvestimg ,i read an article about lnvestors that made good money within few months from shorting ,i would really love more tips and clue on how to out form the market and make such profit using options

P G says:

Holy cow, that guy just decimated the entire crypto currency universe

Ryan Khouri says:

Bloomberg did an article years ago saying 40% is held by institutions(big investors) with all of the news that's come out recently I'll bet you that it's up to 80% institutions now own it, so you have 3-4 million bitcoins available to the weekend warriors. And they're pumping it. Several billion people fighting over a few millions coins that are the equivalent to putting your money into a cool piggy bank. Fools gold.

Patrick Walter says:

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alexng4 says:

bitcoin..lets create an imaginary value out of thin air by creating a supply and demandgame…..yay..

Socrates_The_Great says:

They have said the same for the last 10 years. And they are still wrong 24.000 usd after.

Chris Todd says:

if you think we are coming out of this pandemic in 2021 you drank too much Kool Aid. This is going to last well into 2021. Masks will become as normal as underwear and socks


Not only the regulation risk! One day you will wake up and be very disappointed when your internet connection is out and when you get back online your bitcorn is gone or down 200%! I’m willing to play with bitcoin but it’s not an all-in investment in my opinion!

Cities Sports Bar & Grill says:

Back to normal? Im off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of OZ

Marcos Fulling /CEO says:

All markets got slaughtered in March, those that bought btc in March got wealthy! You cant regulate a decentralized currency. Yes Ether will be a good one to buy, he definitely doesn't understand.

Pirate X Life says:

I agree Kev… how's the O'l lady…

Kwame Brown says:

3:55 mark is spot on. Thats why im worried about bitcoin

William Mann says:

Kevin another 1% that will back track in the coming years just as so many others. What's funny is we want the regulators to regulate. Lol. When that happens to the full then the term (To the MOON) will be seen because all topics will have a clear understanding in writing. If anyone thinks Bitcoin is going to be stopped they are very mistaken and have to understanding that there is no one person running Bitcoin but the 🌎 is doing so. 2030 I'll be in smiling helping the ones that need it as I always wished to do. #🖕🏽centralbanks

Rebecca Willson says:

Merry Christmas My Crypto Families. My advice would be not to depend on just your Payday this forthcoming year. One should have a passive income also. In a few years to come people will be kicking themselves in regret if they miss this opportunity of buying and Investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ✅

Posi P says:

anyone that owns Bitcoin has the same issue. If we lose our password the cash is gone. If someone figures out our password it's gone, If we lose your Bitcoin wallet it's gone. I have already have lost more Bitcoin than I could ever purchase today. My Bitcoin is lost forever and I bet most of other people's Bitcoin has the same fate.

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