Most Important Crypto Video 2021 (You're Still Early Bitcoin)

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This is the most important video I have ever made, seriously. I can give you the top coins for April or the next 1000x low cap gems. But the problem is, if you don’t understand what you are looking at or the opportunity that is before you, then you will botch it up. If you are newer to this space it may be easy for you to get turned off because things seem to be so complicated or over your head. Today I’m going to explain to you whether or not there is still time for you to make money in cryptocurrency in 2021.

0:00 Intro
1:42 The Questions
3:22 How to Learn more
5:04 Risk vs Volatility

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BitBoy Crypto says:

Scammers are getting much worse guys. They are now using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMS. They are scammers 100%. I do not have anyone who trades for me and manages others money. Be careful!

John Anderson says:

All eyes on $UDT 👀👀👀

Casper Olthof says:

Very clear story!!!

Harry Heckels says:

When do you think the next bear market will be? And how low do you think the prices of bitcoin, ethereum and cardano

Chris M says:

@BitBoyCrypto Why did my Bitverse purchases get refunded? That’s complete BS!

j wfree733 says:

Thanks Ben for the great content and for your team. The information is much appreciated!

Banzai says:

Egold is the next major crypto currency. It's Bitcoin 3.0. Elrond is doing absolutely amazing things

Louise Burnie says:

BTC, ETH, ADA, VET are my main focus with a bit of DOT and BTT on the side. Question is when to get out so I have some cash to buy again when it's down.

Donte says:

Let’s get a whole video about early retirement from crypto. ✊🏾

Yeikoll Fajardo says:

Men please dont forget the subtitles..!!

Urem says:


Kacper Majewski says:

ADA & VET <3

Solana (SOL) is also very interesting!

ThiagoAlcantarahmed says:

VeTrain, VeChain, VeGain! and good ADA

hideto says:


Jayden Heinze says:

I wonder if people understand that there will be not be a bear market anymore if the spreading of the “crypto virus” continues at this rate. The demand for BTC will be growing too fast for it to drive down the price in a bearmarket. This turn of tides might happend in the next cycle or even in this one.. In my opinion I think it will not happen in this cycle because the crypto market in general is to volitile and is still being controlled by the overall emotions of the people participating in the crypto market. Only a small portion of all the different crypto’s their increase in value is driven by the actual real world purpose and real life (sometimes physical) use cases.

Satooshi (wich I think is Elon Musk, if you do the right research and look at the resemblance with the same project he tried to do with paypal before he left you will understand why) intended for the bitcoin cycles to come to an end in 2041. That is the year that all bitcoins will be mined and in circulation. But as the demand for bitcoin and crypto in general grows exponentially I think that the cycles will end way before all bitcoins will be mined.

Gold, silver, diamond and other earth elements will be worthless. As technology also advances at an exponential rate, we will learn to create and produce them ourselfs. However, the amount of bitcoins that can exist will always stay the same, eternally.

Benjamin Mitchell says:

Solid video man. Delivered like a bitboss.

Sam King says:

I’ve fought my parents who are sell made retirees but couldn’t even put more then 1000 into crypto. been telling them hard for 10 months now. Could had made millions on millions if listened to me.

Rhonda says:

What Platforms are actively allowing the purchase of xrp? I see more that dont than that do

Clive_q says:

🦾🦸🏻‍♂️ #bitsquad #etharno

Sam King says:

Let’s go all coins.

Frank8MORRISS Frank Morriss says:

What's going to be the catalyst that raises ETHEREUM

briancsmith11 says:

Question…what is the easiest coin to make money trading?. ( I am new just bought market cipher).

TruthSeeker says:

Yo Bitboy why did you assume that men only invest and women don't??!!! Lol
Women do want their men to look like Calvin Klein models too with that tight speedo on when they retire! It's not only you lot that dream about that bikini model in your pool when you're a gran. But you got some work to do mate.

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