My Litecoin Trading Strategy (A Realistic Prediction)

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In this video, Koroush reviews Litecoin, a coin that has been lagging Bitcoin and Ethereum for the past few months but recently has picked up steam. He reviews a few key fundamental data points related to institutional investment that you don’t want to miss and explains the way money flows between Bitcoin and altcoins like Litecoin during a crypto bull market. He also provides technical analysis on Litecoin on the USD and BTC pair for traders and investors looking for an entry.

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🕒 Timestamps
Introduction (0:00)
Grayscale Buying Litecoin? (2:05)
How Money Flows in A Crypto Bull Market (3:18)
How to Find Which Altcoins to Trade (4:14)
Keeping Your Profit (6:10)
Litecoin Technical Analysis (6:47)
Conclusion (10:14)

Disclaimer: None of the information communicated in this video is financial advice, I am not a financial advisor and this information is for entertainment purposes only.

!IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER FOR ALL UK VIEWERS! The sale of derivative products referencing cryptocurrency assets to retail consumers has been banned in the UK commencing on 6th January 2021. As such some of the products and services seen in this video may not be available for use within your geographical location.

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Koroush AK says:


1. ❌ Please refrain from interacting with people who claim to be me or share WhatsApp numbers/Telegram handles. It's always a scam, and I will never ask you to send me money. Please use caution!


John Ryder says:

Litecoin is dead

Olivia Trueman says:

Can you please do a video on Mantra Dao and Yield App.

Longinus Vibes says:

I took the risk dealing with Luiz to be in charge of my trade and finally end up with perfect testimony.his platform is amazing and very straightforward

The CompUnity says:

Is it gonna plummet first seeing the trend… What would be that time

Marko Kalc says:

Great! Could you perhaps give us your opinion/charting of DIA/USDT. I got in very early and DIA like LTC hasn't really pumped. It's an oracle with a lot of potenital. Would like to hear your opinion. Tnx man

Tom Marshall says:

Karoush what are the best off ramps here in the UK?

Coco Edmonda says:

Finally got to see a video about litecoin wow 🔥.. Making my moves

Derisha Aryawan says:

hey im just getting started, could you possibly do a 'litecoin for dummies' video and explain how the price fluctuates and when is good for me to cash out… thanks man i just subscribed

Derisha Aryawan says:

hey im just getting started, could you possibly do a 'litecoin for dummies' video and explain how the price fluctuates and when is good for me to cash out… thanks man i just subscribed

Ziggy Zuko says:

I’m holding 5 Aave and don’t know if I should convert it all into LTC I’d get about 9.6 LTC in return


LTC 🚀🚀🚀💎

Isla Vivian says:

Anyone can get rich but it takes investment to sustain wealth.. Something I learnt from my dad

mastalee says:

Would u mind doing a video of a alt coin called harmony one.
First time watcher and I'll be subbing

grega cerar says:

Charlie said ath by October 21 thats all you need to know.

William K. says:

Should I convert my AAVE into LTC?

Uchiha Luckyboy says:

I suggest please do some trade breakdowns on the trades that you take. At least when can see how and when you enter and exit the trade. Thank you.

Michael Peile says:

Good video sir, nice to see someone speaking about litecoin for once

jim cassidy says:

Fantom has gone from.02 to .32 in the last month!! FANTOM!! 🚀👻🚀👻🚀

irfan adib says:

Thank you! i love the way you explain make a lot of sense!

Hydar Omar says:

Hey nice work,

Do a 1k to 100k challenge =D

Also have a look at bakeswap

You Have to see this! says:

Here's the real reason why litecoin is not over taking eth or other coins

Bitcoin holders trade and stack coins, eth holders trade and stack coins, bcash holders trade and stack coins

But litecoin holders being retards, trade then cash out, trade then cash out, no ones working to make it go parabolic

If you don't sell your coins whales cant buy them cheap and dump them high

People need to educate holders to over power the whales buy holding, its just embarrassing to watch people scalling up 5 dollar returns when they can get a 200 dollar return.

A litecoin whale that buys up a £100,000 litecoin is making huge anoint if money trading between a £10.00 gain, that's why you keep seeing the coin flash red at that gain point.

Just keep buying, don't cash out , do it till passes eth, it can achieve it with ease but only of people stack

F1 FANS ONLY says:

Cardano is the coin to jump in on, don't tell me later i did not warn you

Byambatsogt Bolorerdene says:

Koroush AK Can you do a techninacl on BNB recent hype pumped price to 348 USD however it dropped to 260 at the moment. Does ETH high gas fee making people use BNB or is this just hype

s h u e n says:

Im a beginner here and im trying my best to understand what you're saying there hahahahah
so um 1 question. which crypto is better to invest in now? litecoin or ethereum or any other suggestions?

Andres Blaubach says:

hifi token?

Q says:

What are your thoughts on ETC? Do you think it will reach its last ATH? I see potential

Q says:

It’s LIT ! Hold ur litcoins

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