My Thoughts on Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency.

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INVEST w/ Kevin:

00:00: What the Government JUST Said.
09:30: Bitcoin Today.
11:30: My Thesis on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

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These are my thoughts on bitcoin, cryptocurrency, the future of fintechs, banking, the OCC, Cathie Wood with Ark Invest, and more. Should you invest in Bitcoin? Should you invest in cryptocurrencies? My thoughts on Bitcoin (BTC).

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tirthb says:

Converting my Gold to Bitcoin

At&t Customer says:

hey Kevin been in crypto for awhile. I know there is a lot of negative news on Xrp. but check it out for seeing the benefits of its use of its block chain abilities. many believe this one will be the centralized crypto exchange coin. just wanted to throw this out there. could be totally wrong but great vid like to see your interest in crypto haha.

Ama et fac quod vis says:

bitcoin = tulips … :/

Roger Smith says:

You already know the answers 🙂

Pravina Fi says:

Bitcoin is great., store of value… but Ethereum is better. Smart contracts ✅

dominick951 says:

Finally a video not about politics and stimulus. Thank God

Roger Smith says:

Wait until you see the interest rate and loans you can get with Crypto. Want 20% on those millions Kevin? You can do it right now. You may want to stay with stable coins at first!!!! Others move so much you could lose even with great interest rates. Edit, stable coins are subject to the effects of inflation however.

Ronald Thao says:

Hey Kevin if I wanted to send you research on a certain Cryptocurrency, where could I send it?

nickportarotv says:

I bought in right before the recent crash 😔 I feel so dumb for almost instantly losing $100 of my $500 investment in Bitcoin. #hodl

bokchoy335 says:

Until you've actually had the pleasure of doing your taxes and legally addressed your cryptocurrency holdings, I'd advise you to reserve your judgment. I've never felt more tax time pain. I would rather have a root canal.

Joe McCreary says:

dah… i guess being a software developer helps, but these concepts on how crypto can change everything have been around for many years… bankers are realizing all this way too late in the game. “banks” will be irrelevant soon… They simply can’t stop what’s coming with AMM and autonomous difi.

Carlos M says:

Next video….show us how to purchase BITCOIN….I sure would like to know.

esquaredevers says:

I have been sitting back and waiting for you to slowly figure it out Kevin, Welcome to crypto aka the future

Kjake55 says:

Now I know we are in a bull market. When BTC passes it's last bull market high, the media starts touting it. They bash it when it pulls back into a short Bear market…and, those that never followed it before, or bashed it, all of the sudden start jumping on board! Welcomed aboard!

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