Okay I Finally Said It… (Crypto Real Talk)

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Tizzy FPV says:

Best find on YouTube to date….Brian Jung!!! ✌🏼

Gitarzan 66 says:

When I first got into Crypto I clicked on every video that cam through my feed. Now I'm down to Brian Jung and Humphrey Yang. Thats all I need.

Young Ahn says:

Brian, 화이팅!

Aidan Johnston says:

Graham Stephan 😂

Bill Haltom , Jr. says:

You’re the only YouTuber I can watch. Thanks for the service and honesty. Always balanced and on point.

K Stu says:

Im out. Eth and matic are only ones im keeping. Maybe chainlink. The economy is about to tank. Bankrupt spending policy. A loaf of bread will cost 20 bucks soon. Just watch

Danfaculty says:

Learning to succeed in crypto is learning to overlook the sight of your portfolio in a bearish market trend. Chill chill guys. That's the market.

Karen Carvalho says:

Rest and lots of fluids…I hope you feel better. Thanks for jumping on for the YT vid! ♥️all your content!

Sailuz says:

brian, plz change ur cursor, it bugs me, plz

KoKoKoNut11 says:

when in doubt, zoom out!

J T says:

Crypto is not any inflation hedge. if inflation crashes the stock market it will also crash the crypto market. that's just how this stuff works.

Johnny Blaze says:

You're the man Brian. Always on top of it and most importantly being honest. Thank you for what you do and how you do it !

Michael Peters says:

Appreciate you and what you do. Keep up the good work.

The Anon says:

This is why i love his channel

Dustin M says:

FYI everyone I just read somewhere that somebody bought like 13 mil in MATIC. Not sure if it's true or not

Anna Devika says:

Brian 🙏🏻 please keep up and thank you for your videos !! ❤️

Slynell1 says:

LOL This Youtube crypto space is weird.

frdhernandez53 says:

You’re a firme vato!!!

JasonVG says:

The Fud will make all the casuals to panic sell their crypto then FOMO back in a few years. LOL

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