Price Prediction: How Much Will Ethereum Cryptocurrency Be Worth in 2021? | Alex Saunders Interview

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Is now a good time to invest in ethereum cryptocurrency? What are the top DeFi altcoin buys in 2021? Ethereum price prediction 2021? Alex Saunders of @Nugget’s News joins us to discuss cryptocurrency investing in 2021! *Not Financial Advice

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Should I buy bitcoin or ethereum? Is ethereum a good investment? Is chainlink a good investment?

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00:00 Intro
01:45 Short Term Investing Strategy for 2020
04:42 Strategy for 2021 | Stablecoin Yield
06:21 Why Visa chose Ethereum?
09:03 Ethereum Ecosystem Growth = Number go up?
13:08 Are Bitcoin Maximalists bad for Adoption?
16:55 Is Altcoin Daily a ‘Bitcoin Maximalist’?
21:05 Cardano, Icon, EOS talk
22:09 Is “Smart Money” Accumulating Ethereum?
24:16 Top Ethereum Scalability Coins [OmiseGo, xDAI, Raiden]?
29:00 Does Polkadot (DOT) Excite Alex for 2021?
30:30 Will RedFOX (RFOX) Cryptocurrency be a Top Performer in 2021?
36:33 Decentraland (MANA) Cryptocurrency in 2021
39:28 SushiSwap (SUSHI) Cryptocurrency in 2021
41:58 How Alex Would Invest $1000 in Cryptocurrency in 2021?
51:28 Alex’s Price Prediction for Ethereum in 2021
53:39 Final Thoughts

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Nathan Rigby says:

Excellent interview cheers

Jesse James says:

25:44 is he saying X-Di side chain? I can’t find what he’s referring to. If you could post the name that would be super beneficial. Thanks 🙏

Chris M says:

LTC all the way

Phil Schiavone says:

Big on big E.

Rich Johnson says:

Why was he right about regulations and cracking down … X R P !!

Natan Wizner says:

i dissagree. i think eth will be instituitonally invested as well… especially that btc transaction fee will be super high

Kirby Teal says:

How are you investing in those gaming companies? Through the stock market?

Kevin says:

So much money in big institutions to buy crypto right now. What happens to crypto when the next big crash happens. I believe people will take their profits even some long term holders. The price will drop and bad news will be with us for years

frank Mo says:

What is your take on decentraland Mana….

Ryan Miano says:

Congrats on all your new subscribers. Just in time for 2021. Your collective long term dedication is valuable.

Rustsamurai1 says:

ETH? No thankyou.

Jorge Aguilar says:

Great content! than you guys! Subscribed

goldenera7090 says:

that seems modest growth for Ethereum compared to bitcoin. is that a general consensus?

E H says:

Why can't peaople just accept bitcoin as a store of value, and we love eth for the DeFi and all the massive gains it makes us. I'm not a natioalist, why do people even care about tribalism? To be honest, the only people I find dividing the community are youtubers like "you"

Aby Anjalise says:

Eth at $2k is undervalued

armand moss says:

Great insight!! Thanks to Altcoin daily for bringing us these valuable nuggets!! Thanks for sharing Alex!! happy holidays to you all

Hugus says:

Nothing has changed with Eth. Still expensive , still slow . $DOT has made significant process …..

Ahmad says:

No way you guys stood the whole time

Rui Preto says:

Very good talk. Much appreciated 🙂

leigh pierce says:

I originally thought this guy, Alex Saunders was smart and had done his research, but when he commented about XRP, he reveals to me that he can not that smart. XRP makes global currencies interoperable on the XRP ledger, where as Central bank digital currencies will not have that ability, they will have to go through legacy exchanges to be converted and sent across the world and that sending of CBDC will be measured in minutes probably and cost sending and exchange fees, where as XRP can do all this in around 3 seconds and it only costs pennies.

Kell says:

Exceptional, no coiner here trying to absorb as much as I can.

Fray2221 says:

If bitcoin can do 5x in the next year I have no doubt that Eth will do at least 10x.

modelmark says:

I like his open mind. The aggression and censorship of maximalists really reveals weakness. No different from all the 'woke' censoring. These people are powerful and insufferable.

Dean Corbet says:

My two favourite crypto channels in one place. Love these collaborations.

Randy Jones says:

Bitcoin is built like a tank and has high liquidity. That is why it is the most valuable digital asset to use as money and a store of value. People need to understand that security and liquidity are the primary reasons that institutional investors are buying Bitcoin. Based on those metrics, nothing can compete with it. If institutions start buying Ethereum it is not because they think it is money or a store of value. They will be buying it either because they need the Ethereum tokens to run applications or because they want to speculate on the asset the same as they would speculate on a tech company. There is nothing wrong with doing that, but it's not because they are equating Ethereum with Bitcoin.

FutureFlow says:

Matic network 🥳

Jim Fallon says:

Gentlemen, get lobbyists in Washington DC. Laws are written to favor corporations so crypto needs heavy attention for favorable results. Grease those wheels or the machine will freeze.

Glenn Siva says:

I think Ethereum will go more than $2K….I'm thinking $35k

d Quin says:

Awesome thanks

Mark Carter says:

Our new found right to be toxic about anything 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks again

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