Raoul Pal: New All-Time Highs Are Coming For Crypto

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Investors and strategists say the turmoil in global financial markets still has room to run even after UBS Group AG’s agreement to take over of Credit Suisse Group AG, and the announcement of new dollar liquidity measures among central banks. Still, many pundits and analysts are still wondering (and mostly not agreeing) about how the banking crisis got to this point. The story doesn’t seem to be anywhere near over, yet crypto is still increasing as bitcoin is now up 24% in the past 7 days, as it trades for $27,752. Economists and CEO Raoul Pal gave his thoughts on how we got into this situation. In an hour-plus-long interview with Anthony Pompliano, Raoul touched on several topics including Bitcoin and crypto, his thoughts on how the banking system got here, and where he sees this all going. In short, Raoul sees the banking powers industry becoming too political, taking out the medium and small players, which is the reason why crypto will thrive very soon.
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Raoul Pal: New All-Time Highs Are Coming For Crypto


Ch Moss says:


Emilio Baharet O says:

Bitcoin is a bigger scam than the dollar. This is not an accident

Jeff Simoneaux says:

Not really hundred percent correct , there are plenty countries in worse shape as for as debt to GDP but nonetheless the current status here in the US is by no means good .

James Bold Comedy says:

Rauol Pal speculates but frequently gets it wrong ….A monkey may get it right more ….

Steve Limbert says:

The pump and dump du jour is now crypto. 3 months ago it was stocks. Prior to that it was profitless tech. Round and round it goes.

The Bank Bros says:

He's right.

Break Through says:

We don’t have business cycles we have credit and stimulus cycles

Torre says:

This guy is wrong more times than not!

tamgid1 says:

How about commodities

Loki Jordan says:

"The banks can't make any money"? No, the problem is that the banks can't make ALL the money. It's greed that got us into this mess. The greedy monsters who made the mess should sit down and shut up while some actual adults attempt to fix the system.

R James says:

With 100 💯 per cent uptime, zero downtime and with reward halvings, and limited supply, price will ultimately follow ‘use’ ….🌬..🧞‍♂️

Bitcoin 1st Łitecoin 2nd on ATMs Worldwide & transactions on the world’s largest payments processor ….📈….🛒

Expat Lifestyle says:

BTC to 1mil in 90 days

Jeff Mathias says:

Interesting the crypto hate. I bought my car with Eth profits. This cycle BTC, ETH, SOL are opportunities to escape wage slavery.

Brandon Macey says:

Meanwhile, HEX already enjoying 5x this year

Faith Over Fear Media says:

Stop encouraging people to waste their money on Crypto … it’s called crypto for a reason mate !!! Stick to Gold & Silver

Arie Besserman says:


Womble Stacker says:

Don't listen to RP

Punjab says:

Good video. I sure it can go much more deeper. Love Bitcoin. It is fantastic for liquidity and fire insurance for the current issue. Think another big concern right now is credit and banks with tightening on credit loans. That's the one problem solve I would like to see with Bitcoin. How do you lend with Bitcoin? DeFi is touching this a bit but still a long road to go.

Crypto Bites says:

Recession is coming soon.

D Schroe says:

Rug Pal is irresponsibly wrong

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