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Today’s Crypto News: Bitcoin [BTC] | F2POOL dump | CME Futures

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Drake on Digital says:

Is there a link to f2 pool or btc outflows

Anam Rashid says:

Indian ban on crypto is causing this I'm pretty sure we will see more dips 1 year jail in India for holding crypto but we will recover

The Nerd Robert says:

Sunny decree say they deserve to be able to manupilate market because they secure network by mining bla bla. BS. Pos is future we shouldnt feed these miners.

mrzack888 says:

G, you should sell an E book on how to get this information and read it and process it.

C. Esc. says:

but if you sell a position that you bought cheap in order to buy a dip that is higher than your original position don't you loose potential profit gains?

for example, I bought voyager at .80 cents (currently the price has to move up .80 cents to double my money) if I sold my position at 7.00 and bought back in at 5.00 the price would have to move up 5.00 to double my money. isn't it better to hold my position and use cash to buy more positions during a dip rather then selling my cheap position for a more expensive one?

Jake Eames says:

i was going to get a cro card in november and decided not to. would have been a good move

Jason Simpson says:

Thanks for the deep research George! Been watching a long time and you have continued to up your game in this space!

Zach Orvik says:

They want people to sell so they can get cheaper. Don't fall for it

maxmts says:

Dude just discovered you! Amazing content and information breakdown! You've got a new bell follower

Jason Hall says:

You're straight forward and to the point, thanks for the video and information you share, it certainly makes sense of the market and is provided with excellent DD.

H ARCA says:

Great call yesterday Jorge! Saved me thousands 🤑

Fábio Science Experiments says:

High leverage kids liquidated .Thats how the mark work . No one talked about the manipulation to push the market up with Elon musk tweets.

mrzack888 says:

Protect this Man at all cost!!

Sgt Joe Brown says:

Its so bad our leaders are not helping us in this difficult time…

Nathan Coffey says:

My biggest concern is Eth. There is so much chatter about the gas fees being absurd and new players are coming in with better chains and much lower fees. I like Eth, but I don't think its going to maintain its 2nd place for long. I have a good amount in ADA too, so I am hoping they get in there quick. Binance seems to be doing pretty well and I missed that one.

John dills says:

You sucessfully predicted this last night. I subscribed. Thank you.

No NAME says:

Well congrats you are the only crypto representative that now has my trust! You're pretty good at this.

Michael Enright says:

Crypto pumped so waiting for a pullback to get in then they burn tokens! Well now screw it I won't be using their product its to expensive to get to the level I want. They are pricing people out of using their product now. Congrats of those who got in early I wasnt one of them. I was waiting till .10 or lower then going to buy the required share for there best debit card.

MIMCK Media says:

Maybe F2pool makes things together with microstratagy. They want to buy 1 billion btc

Julius Tsui says:

Thank you for the explanation. All makes sense.

mightyachilles1 says:

not done yet, 53k is the new resistance, looks like its gonna take another leg down.

Fray2221 says:

Fool leverage gamblers need to be punished once in a while.

Yared Hailemichael says:

Since Fortune 500's are going to have BTC on their balance sheets, these manipulators are going to start hurting the wealthiest investors in the world. They may find themselves in the same position as Arthur Hayes.

Kevin Lusk says:

Great job explaining what is going on. Thx a ton.

FootTea Time Official says:

You sure have earned a subscriber. I just invested in the market and am experiencing my first dip. Your point about leveraging made things come full circle. Makes complete sense. Fortunately I own the crypto so ill hold tight. Im excited to Digest your videos and data analysis. Cheers mate.

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