Realistic Plan to Buy The Bitcoin Bottom (When to Buy Crypto)

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NOTE: Please always do your own back-testing (research) on any trading strategy or system.
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Tools I used in this video:
* TIA Gann Swing Indicator
* Fear & Greed Spreadsheet
* TradingView
* ByBit Exchange
* Fear & Greed Index
* Emotional Pump: “Beat a Billionaire”

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00:00 Why Use This Strategy? (When To Buy Bitcoin)
02:15 Trading Tools Required
02:56 How to Use The Tools (Beat a Billionaire)
05:44 The Most Difficult Part of This Plan
06:44 The Process to Execute the Plan
08:42 The 3 Trading Filters
10:32 The Monthly Swing Filter
13:43 The 3 Trading Filter Results
15:47 Want BETTER Results?

Bitcoin, crypto and S&P500 market update with the latest fed news and market fundamental analysis. What will happen to crypto, bitcoin and ethereum including important price levels for bullish support or bearish flip to watch.

This video is for entertainment purposes only. It is not financial advice and is not an endorsement of any provider, product or service. All trading involves risk. Links above include affiliate commission or referrals. I’m part of an affiliate network and I receive compensation from partnering websites. #crypto #bitcoin #cryptonews


Jason Pizzino says:

Wanna see a video on when to swap BTC for altcoins? 👇

Tools I used in this video:
* TIA Gann Swing Indicator
* Fear & Greed Spreadsheet
* TradingView
* ByBit Exchange
* Fear & Greed Index https://

Rebecca Lukaszewski says:

Your explanation is realistic and straight to the point. If you don't sell, you don't lose anything. Do yourself and family a favor and stop stressing the day to day headlines. Trade a small percentage of your portfolio , trading went smooth for me, thanks to Leroy Davids for his amazing skills for helping me to earn 7 Btc from 2 Btc in weeks through trading chart.

Philson says:

Okay… But when do you sell?

Eric Menk says:

Great stuff Jason! Gotta have a plan!

Bernardo Rodriguez says:

Hi Jason! I'm from Chile. First, thanks for your amazing content, you helped me a lot the past months to not buy the bull trap, I'm learning every day and tolerating the stress impressively thanks to your calm and thoughtful way of communicating the data and your thinking proccess. Keep up the good work!!!

Rodriguez William says:

Anyone can successfully earn a consistent income from investing in crypto & forex, all one needs is a positive mindset, the right information and a proper investment management plan

Mark M says:

Hi @Jason Pizzino! I just sent an email about a potential Youtube collaboration. Please check your email 🙂

Porphyrogenitus [ポーフィ] says:

"A Simple Plan" starring Bill Paxton. Was great! Do recommend.

Catherine Waelkens says:

Wohhhhh, so good, will apply your plan , best video out there for now , woill save it…

Giak says:

The great reset is in progress, the New World Order is their endgame. Decentralized Crypto like bitcoin will not be allowed. In order to be a rebel in The Antichristian New age you must take privacy seriously. Monero , pirate chain are the only solution .

31Sparrow says:

In addition to your other rules, I think it makes sense to always buy if the current price on open is below your average price. We're seeing lowest prices now but fear is at 20.

Esha Mayo says:

thanks man!! i'm still holding some tether waiting to buy the actual bottom and you sounds just about right

Mi Lan says:

Yea it almost makes a billionaire look stupid, but the fact is that if you buy BTC for 4 billion USD, you can't snipe entries like someone buying 10 USD of BTC can. You need to purchase very slowly over a decent period of time otherwise there is no liquidity to absorb all the bids. If Michael Saylor would have put up a 4 billion USD market buy order he would have made the price go to 1M per coin. That is total nonsense. These are whale problems the little guy has no issue with.

Vijai shankar says:

Very useful video. Love you bro

pavlatoar says:

Thank you Jason

Darren says:

Get that sweat on!!!!! Lol

Chris Nunez says:


RoLLingBLK says:

Saving this video. I definitely want to get on board with your program. I just need to get my head around it a little more. Videos like this really help.

Appleloucious says:

One Love!

Always forward, never ever backward!!




Tomstruct says:

Thanks man great plan esp for n00bs

Vladimir Kolovrat says:

Nice advice, thanks. I entered during the last bull and bought a lot of expensive BTC. Now I am more circumspect. I also use Ben Cowen's risk metric, today at 0.185 for BTC.

Jason Mcroberts says:

It's not rocket science, the bottom will be in around Jan/Feb next year. Labour market reporting, record high interest rates, higher USD, inflation busting the seams and importantly the fed announcing no plans to print more money – "you're on your own" type thing.
8k BTC at best.
Stunning opportunities!!

Mark says:

Nice one Jase!

Sun says:

Good Analysis. The fear & greed index(less than 15), it's applies only BTC or the top altcoins also?

Info Cuan says:


Tom O'Reilly says:

That was a heavy sell. Ease up cowboy.

Lu Pi says:

What about the plan when to sell? Is that coming in a future episode?

John Braddel says:

Nice hair cut
Good video

Daniel Kemp says:

By 15 or under do you mean 14, 13, 12 etc? Or the other way? I thought extreme fear would have been a buying opportunity?

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