"Sayonara Biatches!" Says Litecoin πŸ‘‹ | LTC Price Prediction (18 Dec 2020)

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Rems says:

LTC will be 2k its sure

warmaxxx says:

i sold my by bitcoin to buy litecoin, did i make a bad move? bought 71 litecoins earlier this morning im kinda freaking out its going down

JustMe JustMe says:

Really enjoy your videos, thanks for the hard work πŸ™

Timijay says:

Nailed it thanks Skinny made a killing

Wayne Arndt says:

Love your content man keep it up. Litecoin is the right coin!!

thejdemon says:

2nd channel coming? Skinny and his nursery rhymes? 😊 Love your videos, enjoyed them all year and I thank you for your content, I hope you have the best Christmas and a Happy New year πŸ™πŸŽ„πŸŽ‰

72tonymarino says:

Ltc next ATH ? Lol 2k

A Better Tomorrow says:

Kar mei Kar mei Haaaaaaa πŸ”₯

Gary Carlson says:

Have a good one skinny.

Gary Carlson says:

Litecoin is going 4 to 1 with Bitcoin.

Jason Rowe says:

I’ve always love litecoin

Malcolm Skinner says:

Skinnymoonhunter I agree we will have some pullbacks but is it possible we can go straight up more than expected?πŸ€”

David Wayne says:

What are the root reason litecoin has risen? Not some little elf pumping it. We all could be sitting back at 45 by january. It already went thru the roof seriously what more do you greedy millenials want. Enjoy the moment.

Mutha Macheru says:

You always turn my mood positive 😍

Richie Campano says:


Luis Angulo says:

Litecoin is the star of the movie

Michael Cross says:

Litecoin is the right coin as a means of exchange!

DD says:

He bought between 20-30$, that's what he said he was doing when he sold. 😁

Erich Quist says:

You’re my favorite crypto analyst. Good work. I need to donate to you soon.

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