Shocking Report Reveals MASSIVE Ethereum Price!

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Rami Ad says:

useless video

marie mamoute says:

<<Based on Ethereums move I believe value in digital assets once mainstream boils down to 3 main drivers once a solid developer network is around the project.
1 Adoption 2 network effect 3 Scarcity.
I used to think value was based simply on supply and demand. Deflationary Economics. Pure scarcity. This Was the main driver to my bitcoin purchase. I’m glad it’s still my biggest bag. But I’ve been humbled. Ethereum is popping. Why? 1 Because of adoption. DEFI for the most part requires Ethereum. (Bitcoin is also DeFi in my opinion)
2 Network effect (Ethereum is proving its self worth and value)
3 Scarcity. Ethereum is still a scarce asset as of right now. Not like bitcoin but hence my reason for this being #3 and not my first point. Although I still thinking Ethereum is growing and being built on a pile of scams (which most altcoins will trend to 0 but not all),Wasn’t one of bitcoins main adoption drivers early on Silk Road and the illegal markets? I’m being humbled by ETH right now although I hold no ETH since I was lucky to ve met Daniel on Youtube who showed me how to use his strategies to make trades and got 27 btc in 2 moths with him. Daniel can be reached on Tҽʅҽqɾαɱ.@cryptorecruitr

Keith Grainger - Custom Fitness says:

Would love to see you do a counter video to the points raised here

Chris Guerra says:

Go Gregory, Ether, Theta & Bitcoin ROCK ON CRYPTOS!!! Thank You 🙏 sir.:)

Tristan Ringuet says:

clickbait thumbnail made me unsubscribed. thought you would like to know

Mike Kelley says:

Rand Paul lollll

D. Bigge says:

Funny that this article skips over Certificates of Deposits….the second-largest banking product….. is HEX.

snobby mclobby says:

starts at 1:50

Daniel Zadimi says:

I think the pandemic has taught people a big lesson, having one stream of income is not really a good idea cause your job doesn't secure your financial needs. The pandemic has really set out business minded people from the rest that is why I'm so lucky to be amongest the investors trading with 0to90value on insta as his student it's been success and happiness since the beginning of my trades__

Artemis: The Dog says:

Loved this video Gregory, great article find!! I have been interested in crypto since 2017, but didn't invest until later due to unforseen illness. Anyway, I SERIOUSLY want to learn blockchain. I did have some IT background. I know you have your bootcamp, do you truly believe a guy in early 40's can be successful?

Oops says:

Much love, thanks for the info

Peter says:

YOU MADE A MISTAKE: at 1 min 12 sec you accidentally put a picture up of Rand Paul, the wacko US Senator, when you said and meant to have a picture of Raoul Pal up!

Aldric Aldric says:

Forex investment controls a huge part of my passive income, I invest big and my profits are even bigger, courtesy of my broker Mrs April Christiana.

Stan Chan says:

When we launched our token, we still needed to do an audit. We went with two auditors too, because people trust auditors more and not devs who could easily rug pull. Even some auditors are sketchy as well, so there are more established auditors like runtime verification. Any formal process to protect people from scams will cost more and auditing is never completely guaranteed.

jawila9 says:

FYI, that's Rand Paul, the US Senator from Kentucky, not Raoul Pal.

Leon Paciorek says:

Awesome video, great info as always. Thanks Gregory

Topsnap Podcast says:

Digging the channel my Bro…
#buybitcoin #topsnappodcast likes this channel

LST says:

Just jumped on. First investment in Crypto, started with 250 just gonna see how it goes. Does anyone have any tips / advice for other things to invest in or shall I just stick with eth for now ?

Sean Balme says:

I take it the pic at the beginning of the vid of the prick Rand Paul instead of Raoul Paul was a joke hahaha… Or maybe you meant Jake Paul

Channy Tell says:

Great article thanks for sharing…i seen a piece earlier someone was showing today for crypto news on youtube but they never shared where the information came from…

Loganicus says:

Riding Eth to the Mooooonnn

Ajarn Richard says:

that was Rand Paul … not Raoul Pal

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