Should I Invest In Cryptocurrency?

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Should I Invest In Cryptocurrency?
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Luchador de Cocina says:

"I'm worth several hundred million dollars" O.G right there.

Most people want to be a millionaire over night and strike rich, where Ramsey built his millions over years.

esseGesse Et says:

The ignorance on criptocurrency is rife here

Bryan Del Cid says:

Idk man etherum just keeps looking better and better. Speculative still but looking good nonetheless

Anhonymous says:

I agree with Dave in some extends. When I lose money because of the volatility, we have feelings to find ways to reinvest to get the loss back. We get lazy and do not want to work, like casino

CheeseBsa says:

Be greedy when others are fearful

Streamed Consciousnes says:

Diversity in all things…

PahJammer says:

Does Dave not realize. He didn't miss on the 15th try. He took Dave's 5k and pocketed it then said he missed.

Major Angle says:

alot of people making money on it right now, yet what about the ones that are loosing on it?

Simply Delicious says:

I mean.. it only dropped 9k in a week..

Claire T says:

Only invest what you could afford to lose. I put a few hundred into Bonfire and Safemoon. At worst I lose a few hundred bucks. At best I can pay off all my debt and buy a house in a year or two. Seems worth it.

M. Precio says:

…buy the dip 📈 😂🤣😂🤣

Cosmic Collisions says:

quick wealth very often leads to quick sorrow

Bob Schnittman says:

Beanie Babies. So funny.

Poor Redneck World says:

Please post link to the enemy baby CALL!!!!!!! I'm floored on that

Yanille Castillo says:

That’s why the fear of the Lord is beginning of wisdom . Some times we don’t even need more money this is just me but we need wisdom
How to steward our money properly . And yes Proverbs even warns us not to do anything hasty

Moue666 says:

Old man Dave, let's gooo

Yanille Castillo says:

I prayed for wisdom on finances two and half years ago a week later I found you by the Holy Spirit not even anyone and went from foreclosure bankruptcy to paying off alll my debts every penny I owed minus school loans and
Saving my home from foreclosure so only debts is mortgage and now paying off school loans I cut my cards and say no to every card they mail me glory to God

wjkrug says:

A real investment generates cash. Everything else is speculating that you can sell a thing for more money to the next guy.

Rob Tetrault says:

Very volatile space…

Yanille Castillo says:

I would love if Dave would do a video for the body of Christ addressing the issues of Bible prophesy, new world order , and I discern Holy Spirit has spoken to him what to speak about to body of Christ . I believe it will help and break confusion to so many false doctrines and break fear and confusion from the world I pray in Jesus Christ name that the Lord continues to use him
Even more in next years to come with wisdom in finances salvation families every thing in Gods will and kingdom bringing kingdom down on earth as it is In in heaven in Jesus Christ name

Sgt Gold says:

Shiba to the moon! Get in while you can!

Nathaniel Gillis says:

Little does Dave know about chainlink!

ducktapepilot says:

All investments are a form of gambling lol

Sadboychichi says:

I made 3100 cuz of doge and I made 2000 cuz of ethereum I’m only 20 wild and I bought the dip yesterday

P A says:

Dave is a super boomer

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