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Ethereum & Bitcoin Technical analysis, news, price predictions and more!


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⏰ Timestamps
Intro: (0:00)
Market review: (0:30)
Ethereum technical analysis: (1:02)
Ethereum vs Bitcoin technical analysis: (1:34)
Bitcoin technical analysis: (2:07)
Ethereum on lower timeframes: (2:22)
Bitcoin on lower timeframes: (2:44)
Pinknode partners with Protocol: (3:09)
Good chance eth goes above $20k this year: (3:50)
ETH exiting 900d accumulation – very bullish: (5:03)
Ebay allowing sale of NFTs: (6:40)
Lossless – Solve the $3.8B/year problem of hacks: (7:11)
Vitalik Buterin worth $16B on paper: (8:07)
ETH fundamentals looking great: (10:12)
SteakBank getting listed on pancakeswap today!!: (13:14)
Market looking bullish: (13:48)
Floyd Mayweather: (14:07)
Mochi giveaway live: (15:10)

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Kiran Adhikari says:

I have 200 eth @$332 at 2019.

Matic Breznik says:

Look at FIRO guys bullish cross on weekly check it out 🚀

Tobias Major says:

Crypto noobie here, why couldn't vitaly sell those shibu coins ? Could he not sell them in portions?

Michael Shewchuk says:


C SS says:

ALT season over? Where is the Parabolic moves???


32 ETH gang 💎💎

Kevin Lusk says:

ETH ADA. Boooooooom

Calzy says:

When will <insert coin> pump? Will it be <insert time>? Why won't you respond? Do you not know?

Jimmy Floyd says:

I just got into bitcoin trading and I made my first profiy,which I knew about this earlier

harima kendyi says:

is it wise to buy ethereum right now?

Stephen Harrison says:

When will Bitcoin pump, July?

Geo 76 says:

Stimulus checks and unemployment stimulus money (lots of people still scamming the unemployment benefits) are driving this alt season.

Colin Heslop says:

Free internet money for everyone🥰

INdaGreen Candles says:

50k this year, lol, I really don't know why you say such ludicrous things.

Owen Kwong says:

Great channel for overall summary of the crypto market metrics for the day and up coming projects updates

David Madson says:

Depending on one stream of income had never made any millionaire and earning check don't put you on forbes

NakTuwadNa says:


Joey Villa says:

Holding Eth and Ada 🚀

Tyler Adams says:


C K says:


ty01 says:


Asif says:

Alex Becker lies. Call him out. He’s just salty

Omar Aguirre says:

That guy was the big boy crypto

Bnbmillions says:

I love this

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