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00:00 Opening
00:19 BTC Announcement of important metric for big drop
01:28 Welcome to the chat
03:42 Webinar shoutout altcoins January 13th 5 PM UTC
04:17 Wisdom 1: More stimulus to come in the next few months
06:00 Wisdom 2: Investing today is not about fundamentals anymore
06:56 Wisdom 3: Banks are buying BTC indirectly. Like JP Morgan invests in MicroStrategy
08:39 Wisdom 4: Raoul Pal eyeing Coinbase IPO. This will be the biggest IPO
09:44 Wisdom 5: Blocking Trump from social media is violation of free speech?
13:40 Coingecko market overview. Always respect the pump!
15:07 Most important metric: Bitcoin Price – Doubling Time. Below 15 days is danger
18:50 BTC Thermo Cap on chain. Bit more conservative indicator.
20:00 NUPL. Close to euphoria
20:10 BTC daily chart. We’re going to hit the next Fib level (45.5K) 75% up
23:58 Coinbase IPO will be heavily overvalued. Look 5-10 years ahead
26:48 Morgan Stanley owning 10% of MicroStrategy to own BTC indirectly
27:24 BTC Daily chart summary: We have an insane situation in the market. We need a correction
28:55 ETH 1h chart. ETH did not succeed to overtake BTC lead
29:26 ByBit shoutout
30:44 Google trends: Bitcoin is trending
31:04 Brett Carter tweet: Risk Management tweet. You will never sell at the top
33:49 Use 200 Daily Moving Average as indicator. Below? sell. Above? hodl
34:50 Use 100 Daily Moving Average is you are more preservative
35:10 Use 50 Daily Moving Average is even more cautious
35:46 Use 30 Daily Moving Average is good for BTC
36:48 Altcoins forrest
37:01 Webinar shoutout Altcoins 13th January
37:33 Sparta chart. Still a bit degen because of anonymous team
39:17 Electroneum (ETN) chart. Real adoption in Asia
40:40 DeFiChain chart. The quiet pumper
41:22 Webinar shoutout Altcoins 13th January
41:39 Q&A
41:40 Q1: Why is BONDLY down? Because of unlock
42:48 Blockbuster
43:15 Q2: How to verify a message?
45:50 Q3: 1Inch farming new rewards?
47:00 Q4: what do you think about DeFi automation?
47:23 Q5: I have alt positions but BTC pumps more. What should I do?
48:00 Q6: What do you think of HOLOCHAIN?
49:25 Overview of alternatives to ETH and comparison to BTC gains
52:37 Webinar shoutout altcoins 13th January
53:03 Q7: Upcoming automation of yield?
53:46 Q8: What about CRO?
54:11 Q9: Correlation between ADA and ETH correction?
55:20 Q10: What time frame? small time frame
56:00 Q11: NEO 3 is out. Any thoughts? Only Flamingo is nice
58:22 Q12: Do you think Bitcoin can be dethroned from #1 in marketcap? ETH might do it
01:01:51 Q13: Window for ETH to pump while BTC dumps? unclear question.
01:02:48 Q14: How vulnerable are exchanges compared to Kraken?
01:03:14 Q15: If ETH is always following BTC why has it not pumped like BTC?
01:03:49 Q16: How hard is it for a new network to replace ETH for derivatives?
01:08:04 Q17: How is The Graph (GRT) doing?

Please be advised that I own a diverse portfolio of cryptocurrency as I wish to remain transparent and impartial to the cryptocurrency community at all times, and therefore, the content of my media are intended FOR GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES not financial advice. The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Purchasing cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome. Past performance does not indicate future results.

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Good Morning Crypto

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


Ivan on Tech says:






Ted Teaches says:

Trump is not being censored. He is the president of the United States. If he walks down to the press room every news outlet on earth will show up. Give me a break.

Tudor Gadea says:

You are right. Free speech has died yesterday! It's sad times ahead…

Abiel Cantu says:

I love the video pic!! Lol. Inspired by Chris from MMCrypto I'm sure.

John Conroy says:

Twitter explicitly says in its terms of service that inciting violence is a violation and can result in a ban. Trump agreed to these terms and has repeatedly incited violence via his Twitter platform. Twitter is literally protecting Americans by banning Trump… not sure if you saw but he just incited people to take over our Capitol by force. This was a necessary and responsible decision by Twitter

Vitas Matulis says:

You mentioned PAYPAL, but i thought it is only available in USA for Crypto at this time, am i wrong?

rccpromotions says:

The banning of people on social platforms, and trying to get them fired, trying to ruin their reputation, VISA cutting businesses off from taking payments, Google delisting their websites, all because someone has a difference of opinion is very scary for all of us.

Tech 13 says:

Hitler had free speech.

cutterXXX123 says:

Trump repealed Net Neutrality, if anyone deserves to get kicked off it's him.

He literally took away people's right to internet speech to pander to these Com companies, then proceeded to invite terrorist to stop Democracy from happening, and everyone is now say BooHoo for Trump..? Give me a f break!

Jadepuppy says:

I agree should not be allowed to ban. Next they will be taking Ivan away from us

Eli Schlenker says:

The internet and social media platforms should be treated as utilities like water and gas since a large majority of people have to or are even required to use these tools for their job, school, travel, etc.

V B says:

If everyone censored another person, we would all be mute, even children. Sounds like utopia (wink wink).

Wise Capital says:

Atomic clock Russian machine of crypto AK 47 trader

dunit282 says:

Using twitter is not the same water or electricity or civil rights. No one needs twitter to live. When we sign up, you agree to their terms to use the platform. There are no terms of service, you have to agree to, to get water or electricity to your house. Don't like twitter don't use it, it's not a public resource. If you had to pay money to be on twitter they shouldn't be able to ban anyone but since it's free service they provide and don't force on anyone to use it, they can do whatever they want

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