In the last video I gave you the perfect point to short bitcoin. That target was hit and bitcoin starting dropping. Bitcoin price found support and started pumping to that same resistance level. We had [More]
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There is a massive pump in crypto coming and you can make insane gains IF you catch it now
BTC has a MASSIVE opportunity to rally back to All-Time High and begin a new Bitcoin bull market, but we still haven’t seen confirmation. During our Bitcoin technical analysis, we’ll discuss where Bitcoin’s heading, why [More]
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Ethereum is going to PUMP for the next 30 days!! Could ETH hit $10,000 this year!? It’s possible with the BIG releases coming! Like the London fork (EIP 1559) which everyone is talking about. But [More]
Attention all Bitcoin holders!! BTC will CRASH in just 3 days!! This is the final Bear TRAP!! The Grayscale GBTC unlock begins July 13th & many say this will put a ton of selling pressure [More]
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