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Does The Last Guardian share the same universe as Shadow of the Colossus and Ico? What exactly is going on in these three games?

This is just my theory about how Team Ico’s three games are connected. If you disagree, awesome! Please tell me your own theories in the comment section. 🙂

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Robert House says:

Never played ico or last guardian

John Shope says:

I definitely think all three of these games are tied together. I also love these games, their presentation, the artistry in the vast worlds and the beautiful music. The tie ins are strong. Butterflies, lizards, horns, shadow, light, ancient civilizations, exotic far away hidden from the rest of the world lands. Hieroglyphics, circles and symbols. The language that they created (sounds Japanese but isn’t) for all the games. Earth and clay. Children, sacrifice and the overall adjoining theme of companionship, partnership between two people – Ico & Mono, Wander and Agro, The Boy & Trico.

If they are not directly correlated to one another, then they most certainly are “legends & lore” based in the same world.

Jumping Crowd says:

Did did you ever get to the theory

Andrew Johnston says:

My theory is this, in this world, time could be different from earth, maybe millions of years could go by without the humans evolving or advancing by much, but the magic that makes up the shadow/turquoise dichotomy does change or evolve. That magic never really goes away, it just changes form.

These games could take place on the same world, just long enough between for these human societies to be completely lost to history. But the magic reinvents itself, clearly struggling to coexist with humans without either desiring control over them or in SotCs case just trying to survive after being locked away.

Jehudi Phillips says:

When I think of one of these I think of all of them

An On says:

My favorite fan theory is that it all takes place on planet Boazan from the anime Voltez V. The Boazanians are aliens who look identical to humans except that their ruling class have horns. They also have a Europeanesque fantasy aesthetic to their clothes and architecture and use war machines that are made from giant beasts fused with inorganic parts, not unlike the colossi.

Lord Giblets says:

I still haven't played The Last Guardian… Even though I had been wanting to play it for a long time.

Ali Fathabadi says:

Max, just wow, this explanation was wonferfull. I played these three games countless times, focusing on every little detail, up until the middle, it wasnt something new, but after this point, you mind blowed me. Just like usual max, thanks for the all the hard work and great videos.

Jmoney The Money Maker says:

Wait so is inc first or is shadow of the coluses first

A RhodeHouse says:

What if the Queen, Dormin, and the Master of the valley are the same(the entity) but in different forms and times in their lives. The queen being what it truely is before it becomes fully consumed. The master of the Valley is the entity but is amplified by the strange orb artifact seen in the last guardian. Dormin is the entity at its weakened state. parts of the entity are trapped in the stone statues. The Colossi are just locks that open up pieces of the entity restoring its power. Kinda like horcrux in Harry Potter. The entity might not follow the same rules of time like everything else in the world does. Thats my theory unless its been said before. I'm new here

Hugo Stiglitz says:

I just played ico again and I'm really starting to think that the sotc being a prequel is bullshit. I haven't seen Ueda actually say that wander was the first baby with horns. It doesn't make sense to me. It makes more sense that yorda and ico became dormin somehow.

I also still think the last guardian is either many years later than sotc and ico or many years before

The connecting tissue for me is the horns, and especially that turquoise green energy you see everywhere. The tentacles from the colossi, dormins energy, the queens energy, tricos horns, the barrels, the master of the valley, and even the mortar between bricks in the castle in Ico all have that turquoise color.

Rqzer says:

ngl, I think The Last Guardian is really inspired off of Avatar: The Last Airbender, I mean, a young boy protagonist, a horned creature that can be ridden, THE NAME, it seems really similar

aidan wilson says:

why does nobody think of the theory that Trico is the animal and not the species of animal because my idea is that Trico is the third of his species hence the Tri for three then there could be Unico Bico Trico Quadco Sepco so on and so forth

KanePOW says:

These games are why I live Breath Of The Wild so much, and now I’m thinking that BOTW stole a lot of themes and plots from them 🤔

Armando Roman says:

Pronounces Japanese names correctly…but not Ico.

Luk Ahmad says:

I always thought that the story start with The Last Guardian, and then Colossus and then Ico. I like it more that way haha

ko da says:

Great video. Even worth to hear the continuous mouth smacking .

Juan Rios says:

This was a great theory but I do have one thing I don't quite agree with it, you say that those who follow the Entity control the force between Light and Dark, but I do not believe that they have any control over the Light at all. I know this is kinda hard to believe considering how pivotal the role of the Light is in the series but consider this:
With the exception of Dormin, who had special circumstances, every villain in this trilogy has only one goal, and that is the Light, they use a variety of diferent forms in order to get the Light of souls, and though they have many forms of manipulation over the Light, you'll notice that the antagonists themselves never control the Light, at least not like they do with the Darkness. Whereas every antagonist was able to freely use the Darkness however they pleased directly with no assistance, with the Light it is always some sort of tool or machine that uses the Light or absorbs it for future use. The antagonists never use the Light as part of their abilities and don't seem to have it to begin with because they always have to extract it from other people.
Thus consider this, if we take it to it's most basic and literal what is Darkness? The absence of Light, if we take this into account then I think the Entity is trying to force a balance, whether into the world or into itself I don't know, and those who follow it try to gain favor by offering Light in order to create the balance that it so craves, though to be frank I don't know what would be the reason why he wants balance to begin with…Happiness? Enlightenment? Or mere understanding of us humans who have both? I honestly cannot tell, but either way it honestly was a very thougt provoking theory, nice work!

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