The Doge needs to slep 😳

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the doge is very tired, he is eepy. the doge has had a very long day of fetching balls and wants to take just a smol sleeb. he eeby and neebies to sleeby. doggo sleepy and need bed-bye time. the doge is currently experiencing critical levels of being a sleevjy lil guy and needs to go to bedb. he is ver tired and needs to slep. just a little sleejing time as a treat. doggylele neebs to slek, ver twired boyo, just a lil guy. doggipilibille needs his beaty sleeb. look at him go! he yawn big cause he skeejy, neebs to falafel asleep. nini time! good night, mister the doge.

Based on this missile is very tired meme.

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Midnight_StarXx says:

my dog when she goes upstairs :

( if u dont get it my dog normally stays downstairs until the evening and she is very active and always looking outside but then when we go upstairs for the day she just sleeps )

سجاد حسين says:


TN.Avengers says:

bro what to your dog i love your dog bro

LIMON4Ik Gamer says:

0:10 Eeveebork rock 🤨

Nico’s plushies! says:

40th comment

Vera Louise says:

And i feel like hold him on my arm ❤


Bro ned’s to slep

ChickenChowMein59 says:


monster boi says:

He needa a good slep.

Kenzie does things says:

The doge needs is beuty slep to reduce critical level of spblepy little guy so he must commit bed the doggypilbifdi for sbleepy

Combine Unit 3650 says:

I think the missile is having a stroke

Mason Silguero says:

I wonder why the middle guided system is talking about a sleepy dog

A rubix cube guy says:

helicopta doggo

kaden the fat man says:

This is truly art

TheSillyFox says:

I just wanna squish his lil face

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